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Cinco de Mayo


Dora the Explorer was the guest of honor at the Monterey Park’s celebration held at Barnes Parks on May 2.

Dora posed for pictures with her many fans that enjoy her highly successful television show on the Nickelodeon cable TV channel. Charter Cable sponsored Dora’s appearance in the park.


Assemblymember Mike Eng, Councilmember David Lau, Congressmember Judy Chu, Mayor Anthony Wong and City Clerk Dave Barron welcomed the guests to this wonderful celebration of the rich history and culture of Mexico.

Councilmember Mitch Ing welcomed all to this event. He was sorry that he could not stay for the celebration but he was driving his daughter back to school. Enjoy the day.

Mayor Wong welcomed everyone in Spanish and English. Monterey Park is a great city of diversity. Today we celebrate the great culture of Mexico. We are celebrating the Battle of Puebla when the Mexican army defeated the French army.  It was the beginning of the end of the French occupation of Mexico.  The Mexican people fought for their independence like the Americans. He thanked all the participants. We all enjoy life together in peace.

Mr. Lau greeted everyone is Spanish and English. It is a beautiful day to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  One third of the population in the city is Mexican heritage. You are very important in Monterey Park. You Inflatable Water Slide help us to be a great city. He thanked everyone for their participation in the city and America. We can learn about the beauty and culture of Mexico. We can work together to make the city, state and country better for all. He asked God’s blessing on everyone.

Mr. Barron wished everyone a great time. He asked all the people with cell phones to call and invite their families to enjoy this program.  He thanked all the sponsors, Council and volunteers. Have a great day.

Assemblymember Eng addressed the crowd in Spanish and English. He wished everyone a Happy Cinco de Mayo.  He spoke about the Battle of Puebla and the great victory for the Mexican people. He was glad to be home in Monterey Park to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. He thanked everyone for being here today.  He spoke against the new Arizona law and said all are welcomed in Monterey Park. He presented a proclamation to the city. He asked God’s blessing on America.

Congressmember Judy Chu wished everyone a Happy Cinco de Mayo. It was great to be back home. She served on the City Council and was glad to see Cinco de Mayo is alive and well. We celebrate all the cultures in Monterey Park. She presented a proclamation to the city.


Mariachi music filled the air as the party began on a beautiful Spring Sunday afternoon.

The seats were packed as residents and their guests enjoyed the sights and sounds of Mexico.




Dancers dressed in colorful attire entertained everyone with folk dances from Spain and Mexico.

Latin Jazz and Aztec dancers graced the stage as part of the rich culture of Mexico.


Victoria Chavez wearing the famous “Money Hat” welcomed Mike Eng to the party.

Several lucky ticket holders won gifts donated by the many sponsors. The grant prize was the “Money Hat”.

The food court offered a delicious selection of Mexican dishes to the delight of the guests.

It was a wonderful afternoon to share in the beauty and culture of Mexico.

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