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Happy 102th Birthday Monterey Park!

Happy 102th Birthday Monterey Park!




Mayor Stephen Lam, his wife Jenny, and their children Fiona, Tasha and Water, Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan and his wife, Jenny, Councilmember Hans Liang, Assemblymember Ed Chau and City Clerk Vince Chang assembled before the famous Play Days Parade on May 12th.

The city celebrated their birthday with a carnival from May 10th to May 13th at Barnes Park. This year’s theme: “Monterey Park, Best Place to Live!”

Members of the Woman’s Club join with the elected officials that included Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian, as they get ready for the fun.


City Clerk Vince Chang welcomed everyone to the parade. He thanked the Woman’s Club for providing a wonderful breakfast to begin the day. He introduced the Grand Marshal Katherine Torres, president elect of the Monterey Park Woman’s Club and Honorary Grand Marshal Larry Sullivan, a long time volunteer for the city.

He thanked the committee members, the LAMP members and the Chamber members for their support of the party.  He introduced City Manager Ron Bow, Police Chief Jim Smith, Congressmember Judy Chu and Assemblymember Ed Chau to the audience.

He announced Councilmember Mitch Ing was visiting Virginia to see his daughter graduate from college. This is the first Play Days Parade that he has missed since taking office first as city treasurer and now as councilmember.


Mayor Lam, Mayor Pro Tem Chan, Councilmember Liang, Councilmember Real Sebastian, City Clerk Chang, Congressmember Chu and Assemblymember Chau posed for a picture in memory of the day.

Mayor Lam welcomed everyone to the city’s 102nd birthday. He thanked Judy Chu, Ed Chau, staff, committee members and volunteers for making this a very special event.

The city is 102 years old. Council is bringing in new businesses to the city that include the Market Place and hotels. We are working hard.  People know Monterey Park around the world. He is very happy.

Mayor Pro Tem Chan said Happy Birthday Monterey Park! We have come a long way. He hopes the city will go on for a long time. Enjoy the party!

Councilmember Liang said it is great to celebrate Monterey Park’s Birthday! He thanked Monterey Park residents.

Councilmember Real Sebastian thanked everyone for being here. She led the Happy Birthday song and every one joined in.



Congressmember Chu wished Monterey Park a Happy Birthday! The city is 102 years old. She recalled the history of the city that was incorporated to prevent it from becoming a sewer farm. She said that resident Laura Scudder put us on the map with her potato chips. We are the 3rd Best Place to live in the country. We have the Market Place for shopping at Costco and Home Depot. We can enjoy In-N-Out burgers too. She congratulated Monterey Park on being a great city.

She presented a proclamation to the elected officials, Members of the Woman’s Club, Larry Sullivan and the committee for this successful event.


Assemblymember Ed Chau wished Monterey Park a Happy Birthday! He thanked the Council, residents and volunteers for their hard work for this event.

He presented a proclamation in honor of the day.



Members of The KINJAZ were honored for providing entertainment at the party.

City Clerk Chang rounded up the crowd to attend the parade.


Members of the Monterey Park Explorers Post 300 proudly carried our colors.


Members of Boy Scout / Cub Scout Troop 301 marched in honor of their 100th year history.




Lions and a Golden Dragon marched to the beat of the drum to bring luck to Monterey Park.


Mayor Stephen Lam, his wife, Jenny and their children Fiona, Tasha and Water enjoyed the ride. It was his first parade as mayor.


Members of the San Gabriel High School Band proudly marched down the road. They have been members of the parade for many years.


Members of the Monterey Park Historical Society walked down a very different Garvey Avenue then it was 102 years ago. They are keepers of our hometown history.


Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan and his wife, Jenny waved to their friends and neighbors. He is termed out when he finishes serving his second term in office.




Members of the US Kung Fu Center show off their martial arts skills to the judges and the audience.


Councilmember Hans Liang and his wife, Lani greeted their neighbors and friends at the parade. He is termed out when he finishes serving his second term in office.


Members of Mark Keppel High School Band proudly matched down Garvey Avenue, the main street in their hometown.


Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian with her husband Armen, their friends and their dogs enjoyed a stroll on a beautiful day.


Members of the Barnes Park Day Care Center walked and waved to the crowd. They were looking forward to visiting the carnival.


City Clerk Vince Chang and Betty Lu, a member of the committee drove down Garvey in a classic car. He was dressed up in a classic outfit of the time.


Woodcraft Rangers from Hillcrest Elementary enjoyed the applause from the audience.


Grand Marshal Katherine Torres, President of the Woman’s Club and Victoria Chavez waved to the crowd. Several other members also enjoyed the parade.


Members of the West San Gabriel Valley Boys & Girls Club cheered they way to the judges’ stand.


Woodcraft Ranges from Rice Elementary walked with pride.


Congressmember Judy Chu greeted her hometown residents and friends. She began her political career in Monterey Park.


Honorary Grand Marshal Larry Sullivan and his wife, Carol enjoyed the city’s birthday party. They are longtime city volunteers.


Members of the Sounders Drill Team and Drum Squad danced down the street to the beat of their drums.


LAMP Optimist honored Dominique Ruedaflores, their scholarship winner at the parade.


Police Chief Jim Smith and his children waved and greeted the crowd.


Fire Chief Scott Haberle and his son waved and greeted the crowd.


Quint 61 was driven down Garvey with pride by our firefighters.


Members of the Civil Air Patrol proudly carried our colors for all to see.



Monterey Park Originals joined in the fun. They were born, raised and still live in our hometown.


Skippy Dee Klown and his pet joined the party. He has been dedicated to the parade for many years.



Members of the Monterey Park Pony baseball and USA Softball clubs ran down the road. They did not want to be late for their games.


The KINJAZ joined in the fun. They were entertaining the guests at the party.




Guests and dancers from the Thai American Community joined members of the Rotary Club. They performed their native dances dressed in beautiful apparel to the delight of the audience.




Members of the Five Family Kung Fu Academy displayed their martial skills to the judges and the audience. They also performed the Lion dance to the cheers of the crowd.


Members of the Angeles Dance Group / YACA performed for the audience. They were very entertaining.


Members of FALUN DAFA dressed in the color yellow expressed their love of mankind.

The parade included bands and color guards from Norwalk All City Youth, North Valley Military Institute, Madrid Middle School, Krantz Intermediate, Redwood Middle School, Wilmington Middle School and Dana Middle School.

The students earn points for their schools by marching in various parades.

The carnival featured good food, games and the famous rides. Information booths were crowded as people were given free gifts along with important information.


Monterey Park Firefighters provided free classes in Sidewalk CPA and life savings information.


A young man sits on the Monterey Park Police motorcycle for fun. The booth also passed out lifesavings information.


Student members of UNICEF had a game booth to raise funds for their cause. The winners received candy as their prizes.


City Clerk Vince Chang greeted the students, as it was finally time to announce the winners. He thanked everyone for attending Monterey Park’s 102nd birthday party. The parade attendees make it rock. He handed out the awards to the lucky winners.

Here are some of the local award winners:


Monterey Park Explorers Post 300.


Monterey Park Pony Baseball Teams.


Angeles Dance Group.


Rice’s Woodcraft Rangers.


Five Family Kung Fu Academy won the Mayor’s Award.


Members of San Gabriel High School won several awards.


Members of Mark Keppel High School won several awards.


Dana Middle School won Drill Team Sweepstakes Award.


Mayor Stephen Lam and Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan joined the ceremony with City Clerk Vince Chang. Mayor Lam welcomed everyone to Monterey Park to enjoy the city’s 102nd birthday party. Mayor Pro Tem Chan said enjoy the day!


Dana Middle School won the Musical Sweepstakes Award.

Mayor Lam, Mayor Pro Tem Chan and City Clerk Chang thanked Pageantry Productions and the judges for their services.

It was another successful Play Days Parade to honor Monterey Park’s birthday.

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