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Women In Action


Shannan Calland, Founder and President of The SHC Consulting Group; Captain Kelly Gordon, from the Monterey Park Police Department; Janet Chin, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army in California; Tina Ibanez Yates, Professor at Whittier College and a lawyer; Lauren Bow, Master’s Candidate at USC and employee of the City of Glendale and Monterey Park City Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian, the hostess of this forum held on April 14th in the Barnes Park Gym.

This forum was attended by women of all ages from high school students to senior citizens and a few men to discuss the many questions can woman succeed at the same jobs as man? Should a woman be paid the same price as her male co-worker? Should a woman be limited in achieving her dreams?

The guest speakers each told the group about her choices for her dream job and the hurdles she faced to achieve her success.

Most of the women recalled being told at a young age that they could not accomplish their desired job, as it was a man’s job.

The younger women described the reactions a being successful in male dominated fields like engineering, the police departments, the military and establishing their own businesses.

A few speakers told of being harassed by their male managers because they were young and pretty. They were working in a man’s job and were resented for working in that field.

The high school students stated that the young men in their classes are accepting that the young women can be just as successful as they can be in the world.

The #METOO movement was briefly discussed but it was not a major concern to the audience.

One young high school student said that this movement reminder her of Senator McCarthy and McCarthyism when people were charged with being an enemy of the country without any proof.

This movement has slandered many men without any proof of their wrongdoing.

This forum was well attended and many ideas were offered to mothers on how to better prepare their sons and daughters for their future.

Any child can achieve success in their life with love, education and support of their family and friends.



Janet Chin presented Teresa Real Sebastian a proclamation from State Senator Ed Hernandez for her support of women.






Fernando Pecson and Carol Pecson gave a demonstration of the self-defense technique Krav Maga to the audience.

He spoke about being aware of your surroundings and become a hard target by maintaining an appearance of confidence.

He also offered suggestions on using your keys, a flashlight, a pen, your phone, a credit card and more as a weapon if you are attacked.

It was a wonderful demonstration for people of all ages.

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