Electronically Serving Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, & Rosemead


By Mona Raskin


April began with the Weather Bureau announcing that another rainstorm is likely to appear by April 1st in the southland.  Well, I guess they were pulling an “April Fool” joke on us, because the day began with the sun shining & it now appears that rain is unlikely, at least for the present! However, we should be thankful for the unusual rainfall this past year, for it was a surely was a factor it creating the very green hillsides and lawns.

While Spring surely enhances the garden beauty of Monterey Park (city of 14 parks), it unfortunately has been compromised by the recent expansion of many high power electrical lines that now surrounds a front portion of our homes & several backyards as well!

Edison, recently sent special notices explaining a new project titled The Tehachapi Transmission Project” It clarifies how & why it is vital to acquire this additional new service throughout the San Gabriel Valley. They claim the increase in population along with the expansion of upcoming additional land has created the need for more energy and efficiency! The notice also includes a map and listing of cities that will be affected by what they term “the Trip”. They Inflatable Water Slide are as follows: Altadena, Monterey Park, Baldwin Park, Diamond Bar, Duarte, El Monte, Rosemead, La Habra Heights, Pasadena, San Gabriel, Whittier and several others in L.A. county, as well as San Bernardino County!

In the meantime, spring also means a time for that new spring outfit no matter what other situations are going on.  Our weak economy, however, still requires us to be a bit more frugal. One special store, of course, is Susie’s Deals. Located on Valley Blvd. In Alhambra Lettie Campos, long time manager will happily assist her customers. In fact a special sale on April 22nd & 23rd will take place on their parking lot in front of their store. Looking forward to seeing you there!

P.S.   We had hoped that an alternative would have been implemented adding the additional power lines underground instead of the way it is being done. We the people do not appreciate being encompassed by a cobweb of high power electrical lines!!

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