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New Mayor for a New Year


Monterey Park’s Outgoing Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian gave her fair well speech at the December 20th Council Meeting.

Mayor Real Sebastian thanked the residents for allowing her to serve as mayor. During her speech a slide show was projected on the screens since she had pledged not to speak for a longtime since the agenda was set for a full evening.

She spoke about all of improvements to be made to the city during a Chamber event held in October. They included the street improvements being made on South Garfield, the new Marriott Hotel being constructed on Hellman and North Atlantic and the upcoming Market Place that should have phase one opened in the spring.

Mayor Real Sebastian also spoke about her famous “Walk with the Mayor” sessions, the favorite “Geranium Festival” and the celebrated “Snow Village” that she created while serving the residents of Monterey Park.

She reminded the residents, business owner and staff that Monterey Park is the Third best place to live in California and the Second best place to raise a family in the United States of America by Money Magazine. Monterey Park is in our hearts.

Mayor Real Sebastian stated the she serves on several boards with other elected officials and addresses several different issues that include the Sexual Harassment issue now called #METOO.  Millions of people have spoken up on this issue.  In April for “Denim Day” she will join with our Police Department for a seminar to address the issues of Sexual Assault and Harassment. It will be a workshop to educate people.

She thanked the city manager, city attorneys and her fellow councilmembers for their support. As mayor she represents everyone and treats them with respect and dignity.


During a Special City Council Meeting held on December 28th Mayor Pro Tem Stephen Lam opened the meeting since Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian could not attend due to illness reported by City Manager Ron Bow. She sent her congratulations to Mayor Stephen Lam and Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan.




Lucky and colorful lion dancers congratulated Mayor Stephen Lam on this special occasion.

Former Mayor Anthony Wong led our Flag Salute. He congratulated Stephen Lam.


Sam Lo sang our National Anthem and the guests that numbered over 350 clapped at the end of our song.

City Clerk Vince Chang called the roll and the Council voted to confirm the resolutions designating Stephen Lam as Mayor and Peter Chan as Mayor Pro Tem.


Honorable Mike Eng was the Master of Ceremonies. He welcomed the residents and their guests to this special event. He recognized our former Mayors Lily Chen, David Lau, Anthony Wong, Judy Chu and himself before he introduced other special guests that included: Congressmember Judy Chu, State Treasurer John Chiang, Assemblymember Ed Chau, San Gabriel Councilmember Chin Ho Liao, Lawrence Shih from Supervisor Hilda Solis’ office, Garvey School Boardmember Henry Lo and former Alhambra School Boardmember Dr. Sophie Wong, City Clerk Vince Chang, City Treasurer Joseph Leon and Chamber President Dora Leung.



Assemblymember Ed Chau administered the oath of office to Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan. He spoke about his long time friend Peter who was a fellow student at LaSalle College. He joked that Peter was several years ahead of him in school. He congratulated Peter for making Monterey Park a viable city. He also presented Peter Chan a proclamation in honor of this special occasion.


Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan was presented his new badge and new business cards by his wife Jenny and his son Brian.


Mayor Pro Tem Chan welcomed everyone to Monterey Park for this celebration. He thanked his fellow councilmembers, city manager and staff for their support. We all work together as a team for Monterey Park. He thanked the guests for attending this event.

Mike Eng introduced Stephen Lam by saying he moved to Monterey Park and attended East Los Angeles College. Monterey Park residents are very involved in the city. He reminded the audience that Stephen served on the BIDAC to help improve the downtown shopping district.  Mike Eng also introduced Congressmember Judy Chu, his wife, who serves on the Ways and Means Committee in Congress.


Congressmember Judy Chu administered of oath of office to Mayor Stephen Lam. She said his roots are deep in Monterey Park. He attended East Los Angeles College 32 years ago for his Business Degree. He opened his family business called COCO 27 years ago in the business district. He served on BIDAC to help clean up the shopping district and began the Lunar New Years Festival. He was elected to the City Council and promised to raise funds for a new roof for the American Legion building. As mayor Stephen will do a good job.


Mayor Stephen Lam was presented with his badge, gavel and business cards by his wife Jenny, his daughter Fiona, his daughter Tasha and his son Water.


Mayor Lam was praised by his daughter Fiona, his daughter Tasha and his son Water for his success in achieving his American Dream. He wanted to live in Monterey Park and have a happy family. He told them that Monterey Park gave him a sense of belonging. The city welcomed him and supported him. Their dad is energized in Monterey Park. He served as a city commissioner to help improve the city. They live comfortably in Monterey Park. They congratulated him for achieving his American Dream.


Mayor Stephen Lam said he moved to Monterey Park to achieve his American Dream. He attended East Los Angeles College and Cal State Los Angeles. He said he moved to Monterey Park with one suitcase. Now he has everything. His three children were born at Garfield Hospital. He met Jenny, his wife at Cal State Los Angeles. He thanked Jenny for her love and support that helped him to achieve his American Dream.  He introduced and thanked his mother, sisters, other family members and friends for their love and support. He recalled spending a lot of time at the library. He thanked his family for his education and their leadership.

He thanked Mike Eng, Judy Chu and Anthony Wong for their support. He said that Anthony Wong asked him to serves on the BIDAC commission three times and he agreed on the third request. He helped to add the trashcans and bus benches in the area. He is grateful to help serve the community of Monterey Park.

He announced to the guests that the Market Place would be opened in the spring with Home Depot, Costco with a gas station, Starbucks and In-N-Out. He is delivering to the people of Monterey Park.

He thanked Judy Chu, John Chiang, Ed Chau, Mike Eng, Lily Chen, Anthony Wong and David Lau for their leadership and service to our community. He also thanked the service clubs that support him and our community.

He thanked Teresa Real Sebastian, Peter Chan, Mitch Ing, Hans Liang, Vince Chang, Joseph Leon and the city staff for their support.


Lawrence Shih from Supervisor Hilda Solis’ office presented Stephen Lam with a proclamation from the LA County Supervisors.


State Treasurer John Chiang thanked Stephen for his service to the city. Monterey Park has a great foundation for family life. Thanks to all of our elected officials. He asked the residents to please support Stephen as mayor. He has great leadership.


San Gabriel Councilmember Chin Ho Liao said that the leadership of Monterey Park and San Gabriel work together. He praised Stephen for his leadership and presented him with a proclamation in honor of the occasion.


Congressmember Judy Chu presented Mayor Stephen Lam and Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan with Congressional proclamations and thanked them for their service to Monterey Park.


Former Mayor Anthony Wong presented Stephen Lam with an award in honor of this special event.


Monterey Park Police Officer Troy Grant presented Stephen Lam with an award from the Officers Association for his support of their department.


Chamber President Dora Leung and Vince Chang presented Stephen a proclamation from the Greater Chamber of Monterey Park.


Ed Chen from Athens Services presented Stephen with a proclamation in honor of this special day.


The President of the Kiwanis Club of Monterey Park presented Stephen with an award for his service to our community.

Mayor Stephen Lam received many more honors and awards from other elected officials, local service clubs and family associations.

He adjourned the meeting and invited the guests to enjoy the refreshments.

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