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Toast of the Town

By Mona Raskin

In spite of a rather warm toasty day, Monterey Park’s residents cheerfully celebrated their city’s 92nd birthday on May 17th, 08.
This year, the “Honorary Grand Marshall” title was awarded to none other than to our very own Nancy Arcuri, editor and publisher of The Citizen Voice!
A true Icon, Nancy Arcuri has always faithfully and valiantly defended and maintained her city’s best interests, first and foremost.
In 1986, the first issue of The Citizen’s Voice was published.  Frank and Nancy Arcuri together began their first community newspaper.  Unfortunately, Mr. Arcuri passed away, leaving the newspaper in Inflatable Water Slide Nancy’s hands. She continued to attend city council sessions, town hall meetings, special holiday events, as well as other activities relating to our city’s affairs.  Many times a questionable situation would occur concerning our city, Nancy would find it necessary to comment on it and relate it all to her readers. It has not always been an easy path to undertake and several times it was at a personal sacrifice. Never the less, her determination, courage and honesty would enable her to carry on.
Those of us, who know Nancy personally, feel especially elated that she has been bestowed with this recent honor. I am particularly fortunate to have partaken along with Mr., Raskin {photographer} in the opening ceremonies at City Hal!
Surrounding Nancy was our City Mayor, Sharon Martinez, council members, FrankVenti, David Lau, Mitchell Ing, Anthony Wong and city clerk, David Baron.  Joseph Leon, treasurer, joined the group later on. In addition, guest s, Marine Sgt. Eric Mejor {Grand Marshall} and wife Elsa Mejor were included as well!   Nearby, the class of 63 from Repetto, as well as, The Woman/’s Club, wearing T-shirts with a photo of a German Shepard was busy supplying guests with an assortment of pastries and beverages!
We wish once again to congratulate this year’s Honorary Grand Marshall Nancy Arcuri good luck and a great year!

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