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Happy Birthday Monterey Park!


Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian, Mayor Pro Tem Stephen Lam, Councilmember Peter Chan, Councilmember Hans Liang, Councilmember Mitch Ing and City Clerk Vince Chang welcomed the residents and their guests to the city’s 101st birthday party celebrated as the famous Play Days held in Barnes Park from May 11th to May 14th with a parade, carnival rides, games, live talent, international food booths, information booths and gift booths.

Mayor Real Sebastian wished the crowd a Happy Birthday! Monterey Park is now 101 years old. They are wearing greens leis in honor of the Woman’s Club’s 102nd birthday. The members always provide a light breakfast just before the parade beings in City Hall.

Mayor Pro Tem Lam reminded the audience that we are family. We represent you regardless of your roots. We are very lucky. We could celebrate 101 years from now. There are better years ahead. Have fun! Happy Birthday!

Councilmember Chan said this is the 101st anniversary of Monterey Park. We have come a long way. We will have a good future with new developments and more funds to support Monterey Park. We give these tools to the next generation.

Councilmember Liang wished Monterey Park a Happy 101st Birthday! He thanked the committee and staff for this celebration. Happy Birthday Monterey Park!

Councilmember Ing welcomed everyone to Monterey Park to celebrate the city being 101 years old. The world is much smaller with 1/16th degrees of separation now that people have Facebook. He spoke about his trip to Tokyo where he met a schoolteacher who had lived in Monterey Park. This celebration is for our history and all of us. Enjoy the time and the parade.

Mayor Real Sebastian remarked all good things come from Monterey Park.

City Clerk Chang thanked the Woman’s Club for the breakfast and the committee members for their hard work. We are here to have fun and celebrate our city. City Treasurer Joseph Leon is on bike ride today, so he will not be here with us. Enjoy the parade!

Mayor Real Sebastian asked everybody to sing Happy Birthday! She thanked them for bring their dogs.


Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian, Armen Sebastian and their dog, Lucy were ready to enjoy the parade with many of their friends and family members.


Nelley Soto, Mario Santana and Ana Cecilia Almache proudly display the flag of Ecuador that they will carry in the parade. They are honoring City Clerk Vince Chang, who was born in their country.


The elected officials, special guests and friends all joined the Woman’s Club in a large family picture to celebrate this day.


Miss Taiwan World Irene Yo, Miss Taiwan Teen International Sheryl Chang and Jack Liu  joined in the celebration and were participating in the parade.


Police Chief Jim Smith joined with Grand Marshal Comedian Rudy Moreno and Jamie Rodriguez just before the parade. Mr. Moreno is a well-known comic, an actor and an accomplished guitar player. He is currently appearing at the Ice House in Pasadena.


The parade began with members of the Monterey Park Police Explorer Post 300 who proudly carried the colors for all to see.



Members of the Northern Shaolim Kung Fu Association provided the Golden Dragon and Lion Dancers to the beat of their drums as their danced down the way.


Students and parents from Meher Montessori School waved and sang Happy Birthday to the crowd as they strolled down Garvey Avenue.


Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian with her husband, Armen Sebastian, and their dog, Lucy enjoyed the walk with friends and family members as part of the family celebration.


Members of the Monterey Park Woman’s Club joined in the party.


Members of the Monterey Park Historical Society joined in the parade. Over they years they have participated in honoring the city’s birthday.


Students from St. Stephen Martyr School rode down the street in a float to the delight of their parents and friends. They waved to the crowd.


Mayor Pro Tem Stephen Lam and his wife, Jenny Lam, waved to the audience as their enjoyed the parade.


Members of Mark Keppel High School Band, sometimes called Monterey Park’s high school, joined in the celebration as they have honored the city’s birthday for many years.


Councilmember Peter Chan and his wife, Jenny Chan, joined in the celebration and waved to the crowd. He was just reelected to the Council this year.


Councilmember Hans Liang waved to the crowd as he rode down the way. He was just reelected to the Council this year.


Councilmember Mitch Ing and his wife, Gloria Ing, enjoyed the parade. He is the city’s financial watchdog and former city treasurer.


Members of San Gabriel High School Band joined in the celebration and they have participated for many years in honoring the city’s birthday.




Members of the U S Kung Fu Center share their martial arts with the residents and judges.


Skippy Dee Klown joined the parade since every parade needs a clown.


Woodcraft Rangers from Sanchez Elementary School participated in the parade.


City Clerk Vince Chang rode down the parade on his favorite mode of transportation.


Members of Cub Scout Pack 329 enjoyed the ride down Garvey Avenue in their very own float.


Members of the Boys & Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley cheered the city’s birthday.



Members of the Five Family Kung Fu Academy shared their martial arts with the crowd and the judges.


Fire Chief Scott Haberle and Police Chief Jim Smith enjoyed the celebration.


Quint 61 joined in the parade driving down the street at a slower speed then they usually travel to an emergency.


Grand Marshal Rudy Moreno waved to his fans and enjoyed the parade.


Woodcraft Rangers from Bitely Elementary School joined in the celebration.


Honorary Grand Marshal William Wheeler, a longtime city volunteer, enjoyed the parade.


Woodcraft Rangers from Willard Elementary School joined in the party.


Friends of the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library marched down Garvey Avenue to bring attention to the public that our library is opened to them for educational and entertainment resources.


Members of the Greater Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce always enjoy a good party.


Woodcraft Rangers from Temple Intermediate School joined in the party.


Members of the Kiwanis Club of Monterey Park, another long time service club, participated in the parade.


Riding in the two Pedi cabs are the Monterey Park student winners from
the 2017 Optimist International oratory contests on the topic “What The
World Gains From Optimism.”  The four students all attend Monterey
Highlands Elementary School.

The outstanding students are (1) AMAN KUMAR, a 7th grader who was a
District finalist and who won first place in the boys’ division of the
LAMP Optimist oratory contest; (2) KAYLI CHOI, an 8th grader who was
the first place oratory winner in the girls’ division of LAMP Optimist
contest; (3) MARCELO YIP, a 7th grader who won first place in the
boys’ division of the Bella Vista Optimist contest; and (4) AIDAN
TRINH, also a 7th grader who won first place in the boys’ division of the Eastside Optimist contest.

Optimist International is a worldwide organization with members who
volunteer each day to bring out the best in children and their communities.
Local chapters like the LAMP Optimist Chapter, Bella Vista Optimist
Chapter, and the Eastside Optimist Chapter are a vital part of our
community and truly exemplify the Optimist International’s motto “Friend of Youth.”


Princess Ting Ting Shi from 2017 Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Court rode down the street with pride.

Woodcraft Rangers from Rice Elementary School enjoyed the day.

Members of the Monterey Park Rotary Club, another longtime service club, joined in the celebration.


Miss Taiwan World Irene Yo and Miss Taiwan Teen International Sheryl Chang joined in the celebration. They enjoy visiting Monterey Park.


Members of the Thai American Community joined in the festivities.


Nelley Soto, Mario Santana and Ana Cecilia Almache proudly display the flag of Ecuador as part of the Play Days parade.

The parade included several marching bands and drill teams from North Valley Military Institute, John Muir, Sounder Drill Team, Kranz Intermediate School, John North High School, Madrid Middle School and Dana Middle School. These schools always participate in this parade to be judged on their talents and techniques for points, which are used by the schools to enter their bands in various competitions.

The students enjoyed the carnival rides and delicious food while they waited for the awards ceremony.


City Clerk Chang welcomed everyone to Monterey Park. We are here for the trophies. He thanked the participants for celebrating Monterey Park’s 101st birthday with us. He thanked Pageantry Parade Coordinators for this wonderful parade and awards.

Mayor Pro Tem Stephen Lam, Councilmember Peter Chan and City Clerk Vince Chang participated in the awards ceremony. These are some of the many winners of the awards.


Members of St. Stephen Martyr School won a trophy.


Members of the Monterey Park Police Explorers won a trophy.


Members of the Meher Montessori School also won a trophy.


Members of the Boys & Girls Club won a trophy too.


Members of the Garvey School District Woodcraft Rangers won three awards.


Members of the Mark Keppel High School Band won four trophies for their participation.


Members of the San Gabriel High School Band also won four trophies for their participation.


Members of the Five Family Kung Fu Academy won the Mayor’s Award.


Members of the John North High School Band won the Drill Team Award.


Members of Dana Middle School Band won the Musical Award for the forth time according to the records kept by Pageantry Parade Coordinators.

Many longtime residents, new residents, parade participants, guests and friends enjoyed Monterey Park’s 101st birthday celebrated as Play Days in Barnes Park.

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