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Pancakes, Sausages, Hot Dogs and Chips



Monterey Park Police Chief Jim Smith and Dr. Larry Odono, members of Monterey Park’s Lions Club, were busy flipping pancakes and grilling sausages during their joint event at Fire Station One on May 6th Fire Service Day.

The donations will be used to protect kid’s eyesight. The Lions are dedicated to eye screening of children attending the public grammar schools in the city.



The station house was filled with several long tables with residents and their friends enjoying the delicious breakfast to start the day.

Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian with her husband Armen Sebastian, Councilmember Mitch Ing and his wife Gloria Ing, Councilmember Hans Liang, Councilmember Peter Chan and his wife Jenny Chan and City Clerk Vince Chang were among the hungry guests.

Mayor Pro Tem Stephen Lam, former Mayor Anthony Wong and other members of the Lions Club were busy working to feed 516 hungry guests.


A 1924 REO Speed Wagon took center stage at the event since it was part of Monterey Park’s past history.  It is being refurbished by members of the department to its former glory.


Quint 61 is the modern version of this vehicle owned by the city that now answers the fire 911 calls.


Paramedic Rescue 61 joins in the 911 calls.


Children of all ages enjoyed visiting the “Shakey Quakey” trailer provided by Los Angeles County Fire Services.





Junior firefighters dressed in red hats and turnout coats try their hands at carrying the hose, carrying a ladder, tapping on a roof and watering down a fire. Girls and boys really enjoyed this part of the event.


Miss Wang and Jake enjoyed the event.


Jason Win and Jorge Lobos manned a booth that offered the “Vial of Life” that is a red tube that holds your medical information. The vial should be kept in your refrigerator with a sticker on the door and a sticker on your front door to alert the Emergency Personnel that you are a participant of the “Vial of Life”. It is suggested that family members each have their own vial.  For more information and a vial please visit your local Monterey Park fire station.


Monterey Park’s Rescue 5 was available for the visitors to see and ask questions about the equipment.



Guests of all ages enjoyed sitting on the various fire vehicles.


Residents learned sidewalk CPR during the event.


Home Depot had a booth for young children to plant a flower for their mother for Mother’s Day.


Daniel Park and Bethany Schwartz accepted money to fill the boots to raise money for a worthy cause.



Sparky the Fire Dog was joined by little friends and furry friends.

Guests enjoyed a lunch of hot dogs, chips, soda, water, milk, fruit juice and cotton candy.


Retired firefighters posed for a picture in front of the Speed Wagon.



Fire Chief Scott Haberle joined with the retired firefighters on Fire Service Day. Each year they honor a retiree with a special gift. This year’s honoree is Chuck Christiansen.


The Monterey Park Firefighters are family and they posed for a family picture in front of and on top of Quint 61.







Capt. Shannon Files supervised firefighters Jonathon Chung, Jeff Wong, Corey Callaway and Dominic Garcia in their demonstration of the “Jaws of Life”.  The crowd watched as Corey and Dominic rushed to dress in their gear in a two-minute time limit. Each step of the demonstration was announced to the audience who were excited to see the wrecked car opened up like a tin can.

The firefighters proudly posed in their new convertible car to the laud clapping of the crowd.

Fire Chief Haberle, his firefighters and members of the Lions Club thanked their many volunteers, supporter and donors for a very successful day.

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