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Monterey Park Councilmember Peter Chan’s Victory Party


Councilmember Peter Chan thanked everyone for their support that helped him get reelected to the Monterey Park City Council during a celebration held at Capital Seafood Restaurant on April 14th.


Gigi and Alan Mak were the Mistress and the Master of Ceremonies. They welcomed all of the guests and elected officials to this special evening attended by 400 people.


Jeff Schwartz led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Several elected officials joined Peter Chan at the party including Congressmember Judy Chu, Treasurer John Chiang, Trustee Mike Eng, Assemblymember Ed Chau, former Mayor David Lau, Mayor Polly Low, Councilmember Stephen Sham, former Mayor Lily Chen, former Mayor Anthony Wong, Mayor Pro Tem Stephen Lam, Councilmember Hans Liang, School Boardmember Henry Lo, Councilmember Edward Eng, Water District Boardmember Thomas Wong, Councilmember Sho Tay, School Boardmember Anthony Duarte and School Boardmember Martin Medrano.


John Chiang opened the party with his version of “Let It Be” and was joined on stage by Peter Chan, Judy Chu, Mike Eng and other friends. He welcomed everyone and thanked them for supporting Peter Chan. He said Peter Chan has the great leadership to bring the people together. He said Peter Chan would lead us to a great success in Monterey Park.


Judy Chu thanked the people of Monterey Park for voting for Peter Chan. He has done such a great job. He helped to balance the budget for city services. He supports the library. He helped with the airplane noise. He helped to bring in the Market Place. Peter Chan will be serving us for four more years.






Members of Shaolin Kung Fu Yuan entertained the guests with the martial arts performances to the delight of the crowd.  For more information on this organization please call 626-447-1111 or email: uskyuan@gmail.com.


Mike Eng called Peter Chan his friend. He thanked Peter Chan for his services to Monterey Park.  He thanked all of the people who supported him. Peter and Jenny Chan have lived in our city for 40 years. He is a bridge in Monterey Park. He helps all of the people come together.


Peter Chan thanked all of the people who supported him. He has four more years to serve the city. He and Hans Liang will move the city forward. If it is good for the city, it is good for us. Our expenses are up so we will have to increase the city’s revenue for the next four years. Raising sales taxes are not a good idea and we don’t want to reduce city services. The Market Place and one or more of the hotels will be opened for business in 2018 so the additional sales taxes will help us pay for the city services.


Mayor Pro Tem Stephen Lam, Councilmember Hans Liang and Councilmember Peter Chan joined together on stage.

Stephen Lam welcomed everyone to Monterey Park. He thanked the business owners for their support.  You are in good hands with Peter Chan and Hans Liang on the City Council. He is looking forward to working with them.

Hans Liang said he is pleased to be here to celebrate Peter and his victory. They both spoke to the voters. They are happy to be reelected to finish their work.  They are both termed out after this four-year term.


Peter Chan introduced his wife, Jenny Chan and his sons, Kevin Chan and Brian Chan to the audience. He thanked Jenny for her support. He introduced all of their family members attending this special evening.




Members of Extreme Line Dance entertained the guests. They asked some of guests to dance with them.


Entertainment included a Folk Dance with dancers attired in beautiful costumes.


Rosemead Mayor Polly Low congratulated Peter Chan and Hans Liang on their reelection in Chinese.


Councilmember Edward Eng called Peter Chan, his brother–in-law. Jenny Chan has five brothers so they gave him a hard time before they approved of him. He congratulated Peter Chan for winning his seat for four more years.


Councilmember Sho Tay said he is glad the Monterey Park picked Peter Chan and Hans Liang to help you in Monterey Park. They are a good team. He thanked Jenny Chan for helping Peter Chan get reelected.


Former Mayor David Lau congratulated Peter Chan and Hans Liang on their reelection. He congratulated Stephen Lam for being Mayor Pro Tem. They are the Three Musketeers. They will help to keep the city safe and secure. He wished everyone Good Luck and Good Health!


Former Mayor Anthony Wong congratulated Peter Chan and Hans Liang on their reelection. He congratulated Stephen Lam who will be the next mayor. Monterey Park is in good hands with the Three Musketeers. They will bring in the Market Place and new hotels on Atlantic. They will hire more police officers and firefighters for the people who live in Monterey Park.


Former Mayor Lily Chen thanked the residents for reelecting the most dedicated and honest public servant of Monterey Park. She said Peter Chan would continue to be a role model for all of the elected officials. He would serve for the best interests of Monterey Park.


School Boardmember Henry Lo said he met Peter Chan 18 years ago. He congratulated him and said that he is very generous to the city events. He said that Peter Chan, Hans Liang and Stephen Lam are a strong majority in Monterey Park. The Garvey School Board and Monterey Park work together.


School Boardmember Martin Medrano congratulated Peter Chan and called him his friend.


Peter and Jenny Chan sang two love songs (one in Chinese and one in English) as the Karaoke event began on stage. Guests kept hitting their glasses as a sign for them to kiss on stage.


David Lau performed several songs to the enjoyment of the guests.


Members of the American Arts Research Institute presented a scroll to Peter Chan wishing him good luck and happiness.


Councilmember Peter Chan thanked all of his supporters, entertainers and sponsors for this special evening.




The famous Danny So played several Beatle’s songs and the guests joined the line dancers.


Cici Lau performed several songs to the joy of her many fans.


Peter and Jenny Chan joined in song with alumni of La Salle High School. Peter Chan attended this high school in Hong Kong many years ago.


Councilmember Ed Eng shared his singing talents with his family, friends and guests.


Mayor Pro Tem Stephen Lam rocked down the house with his song and dance moves.

Residents are now aware of the famous talents that live and work in our hometown.

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