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Monterey Park’s New Mayor


Outgoing Mayor Mitch Ing welcomed everyone to the Special Meeting held on March 14th for the Reorganization of the City Council.



Members of Girl Scout Troop 734 carried the colors and members of Girl Scout Troop 5631 led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Alicia Galvan Ballinger sang our National Anthem.


Pastor Johnny Gabrera gave the invocation. He asked God to bless the City Council and all of the people who live and work in Monterey Park. He asked God for harmony in the love of Jesus.

Mayor Ing thanked the Monterey Park people for allowing him to serve three terms on the Council. He thanked his family for their support. He thanked Gloria, his wife of 28 years, for her love and support. He recalled that he first ran for office as City Treasurer when his children were young, Chantal, his daughter was nine years old and Derek, his son was five years old. He thanked them for their support. He thanked his family who live in Canada (his mother and three sisters, one of them just died). His family keeps him grounded.

He thanked the staff and fellow Councilmembers. They have worked hard for the Market Place: Costco with a gas station, Home Deport, Chic-fil-A, Starbucks and In and Out. More stores will come when the Market Place is completed. He wished Teresa Real Sebastian well. He said as a family we don’t always think alike but we have the best interest in Monterey Park in mind. Thank you!


His last official act as mayor was to call for a vote to reorganize the Council.


Adela Munoz was the Mistress of Ceremonies.


Honorable Mike Eng introduced Councilmember Stephen Lam to the audience before he administered the Oath of Office making Stephen Lam, Mayor Pro Tem.


Mayor Pro Tem Lam was presented his new badge by his wife, Jenny Lam and his new business cards by his son, Walter Lam.

Adela Munoz thanked the audience for being here tonight. It is her honor to participate in this event.  She introduced her friend, Teresa Real Sebastian and her family members to the audience. She also thanked the Girl Scouts for their participation.


Armen Sebastian told the audience that his is proud of his wife. She is always prepared and available to you, the residents. If you want something to be done he suggested that you ask a woman.


Teresa Real Sebastian was administered the Oath of Office, making her Mayor, by her friends: Alicia Galvan Ballinger, Pamela Hamanaka, Virginia King, Tammy Louie, Evelyn L. Moreno, Adela Munoz, Julie Pang-Cortez, Nanette S. Thompson and Wendi Horwitz.


Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian also received her gavel from Tammy Louie, new badge from Evelyn L. Moreno and new business cards from Nanette S. Thompson in the presence of her friends: Alicia Galvan Ballinger, Pamela Hamanaka, Virginia King, Adela Munoz, Julie Pang-Cortez, and Wendi Horwitz.

Mayor Real Sebastian greeting the audience. She thanked her family and friends. She thanked Adela Munoz for being her MC. She said that she has served on the Council for six years. She could not believe the time has flown by. She will make things better in Monterey Park. She is ready to tackle the issues. She said being on the Council is like being married. She serves with the four other Councilmembers, the staff and the residents. She would not change anything. Her family has deep roots in Monterey Park. She sees Monterey Park through a different set of eyes.

She pledged to do her homework and will continue to ask questions. She will make it transparent for the residents with open government. The citizens must vote. It is your responsibility to vote. Our veterans fought for your right to vote. Please vote!

She spoke about the city’s budget, our need to repair the infrastructure and our need for reserves. We need to be careful of our money. Safeguarding the city’s positive financial position.

She spoke about the open bidding process and our new green friendly policy. Our need to clean up and beautify our Monterey Park. The Market Place will be opened in late 2018. It is smart planning for the city. We need to build businesses for sales taxes. Public safety in Monterey Park is important with services for our seniors and children. We have improved our parks.

She thanked the residents for the Centennial celebrations. She thanked the ladies for swearing her in tonight. Girl Power! She thanked everyone for being involved in your city.  She thanked the Councilmembers for their support.

She thanked her husband, Armen Sebastian, for his love the support. She loves him. She thanked her family for their love and support. She thanked all of the elected officials and the staff for their support. She asked God to Bless Monterey Park!

City Clerk Vince Chang introduced the special guests that included: City Treasurer Joseph Leon, Alhambra Mayor David Mejia, Montebello Mayor Vivian Romero, former Mayor Mike Eng, former Mayor Rita Valenzuela, former Mayor Lily Chen, former City Clerk Theresa Amador, former City Clerk Dave Barron, School Boardmember Henry Lo, Water Boardmember Thomas Wong, members of the CCBA and the Lim Family Association.

Mayor Real Sebastian performed her first act as mayor by adjourning the meeting. She welcomed everyone to enjoy the cake and soft drinks at the reception.


Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian and her husband, Armen Sebastian cut into one of the four cakes served at the reception. Each of the four cakes thanked the residents for their support as mayor. One in English, one in Spanish, one in Chinese and one in Armenian.

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