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By Mona Raskin

Little India1

Today’s travelers may very well be more bewildered than ever before, as, to whether they should continue to fly the not so friendly skies. The recent terrorist plane incident has obviously added to the already stiff security measures they have had to endure. In addition, passengers have already been concerned by the increase in baggage fees.

All the above has certainly not been an encouraging sign for their airline customers. The result may lead them to eventually consider other travel alternatives!

A trip to “India” for example requires hours and hours of air travel. One might seriously consider a much shorter way to visit this interesting culture by just taking to the road to nearby Artesia, California. The area from 183rd St. to 187th St. along Pioneer Blvd. is referred to as “Little India”!

A special place to stop and explore is a small mall titled “Little India Village Plaza”.  Location is at 187th and Pioneer Blvd. As you enter the area, you will notice an Elephant statue on each side of the entryway. Here you will be able to park your vehicle .You can then commence your tour to the various boutiques and restaurants

Little India2

The boutiques have a variety of items from India, such as, jewelry, clothing that includes Pashimas (shawls) as well as, brocaded and beaded long gowns for women. Nehru jackets and suits for men.

Those who like curry (a spiced condiment from India) will enjoy this particular cuisine.

It was an interesting and wonderful way to spend a pleasant afternoon, especially since it happened to be on January 6th, (my birthday).

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