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Measure LL Rally

Measure LL Rally


Monterey Park Measure LL committee members: Bob Gin, Walter Beaumont, Theresa Amador, Henry Lo, Thomas Wong, Dave Barron, Jason Ohing, Yukio Kawaratani and Janet Yu were joined by high schools students from Mark Keppel at a rally held at Barnes Park on February 11th.


Henry Lo was the Master of Ceremonies. He welcomed all to this special kick off event for the library.  He was glad that everyone cared about our library. He thanked the Mark Keppel students for their support.


Councilmember Peter Chan thanked the residents and students for their support of our library. We need it for research and learning. We need to pass Measure LL on March 7th. Please help to support our library. $25 a year tax is affordable. We need 66.6% of the votes to pass Measure LL.


Rachael Wang spoke about a student who used the library to her full advantage. The library allows us to borrow books to learn about the world. The library is important to our community.


Carmen Chen said the library is important to the students. We need to expand library hours and services. We need more library funds for the students and the seniors to help educate them in English.

Henry Lo called their messages powerful. He thanked all of the people for their support of our library.


Walter Beaumont reminded the student volunteers that they needed to have good answers for the residents. We need Measure LL passed so our library can be opened for more hours, hire more library staff, improve our technical equipment and purchase more books. We need the funds of $25 a year per household to keep the library going. We could lose our library and it is a very important part of our city. He wished the volunteers Good Luck!

Henry Lo reminded the audience that Measure LL is to keep our library funded in the community.


Yukio Kawaratani, one of the founders of Measure C, which raised funds to rebuild our Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library, was introduced to the audience.


Janet Yu reminded the student volunteers that Yukio and Lilian Kawaratani are longtime supports of our library. They helped to rebuild our library. You students are our future leaders of this country.


Dave Barron advised the student volunteers and their adult supervisors the rules for door-to-door campaigning.

Henry Lo thanked them for supporting Measure LL.

On March 7th Measure LL was not supported by 2/3rds of the voters to win the financial support of the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library.

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