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Meet The Monterey Park Council Candidates

Meet The Monterey Park Council Candidates


Yvonne Pine, President of the League of Woman Voters in Pasadena held a Candidate Forum with The Greater Chamber of Commerce of Monterey Park on February 13th in the City Council Chambers.

She introduced the six candidates: Joe Ray Avila, Hans Liang, Anthony Felix, Jr., Randall Avila, Peter Chan and Margaret Leung to the audience.


Steven Ramirez welcomed the audience to this informational event co-sponsored by the City of Monterey Park, the Chamber and the League of Women Voters.

City Clerk Vince Chang led the flag salute.

Yvonne Pine introduced Isabella Wu, Martha (the time keeper), Marlene Gillman and Jane Wallace as fellow members of the League of Women Voters who are assisting her in tonight’s debate.


Dora Leung, President of the Chamber, welcomed the audience to this special event.

Mrs. Pine gave a history of the League of Women Voters. She said democracy is over 200 yeas old. In 1920 women were granted the right to vote. Their organization helps voters become informed voters. They are non-partisan and do not support any candidates or issues on the ballots.

Each candidate introduced themselves to the audience.

Margaret Leung, a senior engineering manager, said she would fight LAX to stop the airplanes from flying over Monterey Park, streamline the Building Permit process and would fight the six hotels that are proposed to be built in the city.

Peter Chan, a current Councilmember, said four year ago the city was in an economic downturn. The City Hall and Library hours were cut. He was elected to the Council to help unite the city. Our fire and police departments respond faster to their calls and the streets are being repaired. We are laying new water and sewer lines. He will keep improving the city.

Randall Avila, a UCLA graduate, said he is a non-profit executive. He will work with federal, state and local leadership. He has served on several city commissions. He has a new direction for our city. He was raised in the city and supports the police department. He pledged to reform City Hall.

Anthony Felix, Jr. said he moved into Monterey Park in June of last year. He lived in Los Angeles but Monterey Park feels like home. He wants to make changes. He asked the audience what do you envision that Monterey Park should be?

Hans Liang, a current Councilmember, said in the last four years he has helped bring in more shopping and help to repair the roads. We are moving forward with upgrades. We have upgraded our parks. We have installed energy efficient measures in city property. He has lived in our city for the last 15 years.

Joe Ray Avila said he has the same platform. He is a workingman. He is here to represent the people of Monterey Park. He will listen to you, the people.

The candidates answered several questions on their view of development in the city, low flying airplanes, our police department, the diversity in the city, supporting Measure LL for our library, city taxes, conflicts of interest and Monterey Park as a Sanctuary city.

The candidates each answered the questions to the best of their knowledge and life experiences.

Longtime Council watchers realized that most of the candidates did not know the long history of Monterey Park so their answers missed the questions.

Those candidates who did not want the new hotels failed to understand that the city needs the bed taxes to help support our city’s services including our police department.

Some candidates though it was easy to bring in brand names stores into town.  They did not know that our Economic Development Department is always working with companies to bring in new stores to town. The businesses will only move into town if they can make a profit. Monterey Park needs more sales taxes to help support our city’s services.

The incumbents, Hans Liang and Peter Chan, answered the questions with their experience as sitting Councilmembers.

The event ended with each candidate asked the voters for their support on March 7th.


Walter Beaumont, Co-Chair of Measure LL explained to the audience why they should vote YES on this measure.  Measure LL, if passed by the voters, will provided additional funds of $500,000 or more a year to expand our library hours, purchase new books, purchase new computers, upgrade the interior of the building and keep our library running for the next 20 years.

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