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Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness Day

Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness Day


Monterey Park’s Quint 61 and Paramedic Squad were available for residents to view in front of Fire Station One on January 14th. The Monterey Park Community Participation Commission and the Monterey Park Fire Department hosted the day.


Councilmember Hans Liang joined with Valeria Ventura and Commissioner Shirley Hwong at the event.


Councilmember Peter Chan and Commissioner Shirley Hwong joined with the residents to learn about their personal safety in the event of a disaster.


Andrew Yam, Youth Commissioner from the Community Participation Commission, welcomed every one to this special event. He introduced special guests that included: Councilmember Hans Liang, Councilmember Peter Chan, Fire Chief Scott Haberle, Recreation Superintendent Robert Aguirre, School Boardmember Henry Lo, Trustee Mike Eng, Assemblymember Ed Chau, School Boardmember Bob Gin, City Manager Ron Bow, Ed Chen from Athens Services, Thomas Wong from the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, Victoria Chavez and Sandra Hiba Hidalgo.

He also thanked the Commissioners, Fire Explorers, student volunteers from Mark Keppel and Gabrielino High Schools, Eco Harmony, CACA Youth Council and the Women’s Club for their support.

Councilmember Hans Liang said it is wonderful to see everyone here today. He thanked Andy Yam for this event. Be prepared in an emergency. The earthquake will come. He suggested that the residents sign up for CERT training.  Learn how to turn off utilities. He thanked the fire department and the volunteers.

Trustee Mike Eng also thanked Andy Yam for this special event. He learns about public safety at events like this one.

Councilmember Peter Chan said we should be prepared. He also thanked Andy Yam and the fire department. The earthquake will come at any time. Be prepared to save lives.

Assemblymember Ed Chau said we need to be prepared for earthquakes and fires. We need smoke detectors to protect lives. We need to inspect our smoke detectors. He thanked everyone for attending this event.

Fire Chief Scott Haberle thanked the residents for being here today.  We are here to help you get prepared. We help you to help yourself. He also thanked Andy Yam for helping them with this event.


Ed Chen provided the famous “Athens Services” gas grill that the firefighters used to roast the hot dogs for lunch.  He also thanked Andy Yam for his support.


Councilmember Stephen Lam said it is possible for an earthquake to hit Southern California. He suggested that the residents pray to God and be prepared for the worst but expect the best. We have the best Class One fire department in the USA. Check were all of your utilities are located and know how to shut them off. He recalled the Whittier and Northridge earthquakes so be prepared a disaster could happen. He thanked Mike Eng and Andy Yam.

Members of Southern Gas Company and Southern California Electric Company were on hand to address the residents concerns about their services to our community.

Members of the Women’s Club in support of the event had a booth to advertise their club is also opened to men.

30 young volunteers from Mark Keppel and Gabrielino High Schools and Monterey Park Fire Department Explorers helped guide the guests around the station house.


Members of the fire department instructed residents how to turn off their utilities in case of an earthquake at the famous CERT trailer.


Members of the fire department showed the residents how to provide first aid and when to call 911 for medical emergencies.


Members of the fire department showed the residents how to perform sidewalk CPR on “dummies” so they can feel how to do CPR in case of an emergency.


Members of the fire department showed residents how to use the fire extinguishers to fight a live fire.


Members of the fire department explained earthquake safety. It is suggested to hide under a sturdy table or in a doorway. Please be sure to look up before you move from your safe spot.


One of the special fire engines from the California Office of Safety was on site for public inspection.

Monterey Park residents and their guests learned to be prepared to save lives in the event of an earthquake or other emergencies.

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