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Statement on Measure LL

Statement on Measure LL

Measure LL, a special tax to support the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library, is on the March 7, 2017 city municipal ballot for approval by voters. If adopted by voters, Measure LL would replace an existing special tax called Measure C that voters approved for funding the Bruggemeyer Library (via Measure C on the April 14, 1998 ballot). That special tax will expire on June 30, 2018.

Revenue generated from this special tax can only be used for the following purposes:

• Expanding library service hours.

• Increasing technology services.

• Acquiring books and materials.

• Improving the library facility and

infrastructure via capital improvement


• Funding maintenance and operating costs for

the above library services, equipment, and infrastructure.

Measure LL would impose an annual special tax as follows:

• $25 on each single-family residential

dwelling unit or each dwelling unit in a

residential condominium project.

• $50 on each parcel improved with two

residential units, which is not a condominium


• $75 on each parcel improved with three

or more residential units, which is not a

condominium project.

• $75 on each parcel improvement with a

nonresidential building.

These tax rates are the same as originally approved by voters in 1998. It is estimated that the special tax will generate annual revenue of $500,000. Tax revenue cannot be used for any other purpose. The special tax imposed by Measure LL would expire on July 1, 2037.

To be adopted, Measure LL must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the voters in the city of Monterey Park. A “yes” vote on Measure LL favors the Measure. A “no” vote on Measure LL opposes the Measure.

(Editor’s Note: This Statement on Measure LL was published in the Cascades Newspaper and approved by the Monterey Park’s City Attorney.)

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