Electronically Serving Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, & Rosemead

Hans Liang for Monterey Park City Council


Councilmember Hans Liang welcomed friends, family and residents to his Reception held at the Lincoln Plaza Hotel Ballroom on January 8th.


Members of the LA Yong on Association and Wong Tai Sen Lion Dancing were the entertainment; they were ready to perform the tradition Lion Dances at this Special Occasion.


State Treasurer John Chiang and Assessor Jeffrey Prang joined with Hans Liang at this event to show their support of Hans Liang’s re-election to the Monterey Park City Council.


Congressmember Judy Chu, Councilmember Stephen Lam, School Boardmember Henry Lo, Assemblymember Ed Chau and former Mayor David Lau joined with Hans Liang at the event to show their support of Hans Liang’s re-election to the Monterey Park City Council.


Henry Lo welcomed the guests to this special event that began with the famous Lion Dancers for “Good Luck”.


Hans Liang joined by his wife, Lani Liang and many elected officials that included South El Monte Councilmember Joe Gonzalez, State Treasurer John Chiang, Assessor Jeffrey Prang, Assemblymember Ed Chau, former Mayor David Lau, School Boardmember Mike Fong, Alhambra Councilmembers Stephen Sham and Jeff Maloney, School Boardmember Bob Gin, Water Boardmember Thomas Wong, Councilmember Stephen Lam and School Boardmember Henry Lo to show their support for Hans Liang’s re-election.







Members of the LA Yong on Association and Wong Tai Sen Lion Dancing entertained the young and old with their colorful costumes and danced to the beat of the drums and cymbals. They also received “Red Envelopes”, a traditional gift for the Chinese New Years. For more information on the Lion Dancers please call Saul Ho at 626-688-8255.


Judy Chu said she endorses Hans Liang for re-election to the Monterey Park City Council. He is dedicated to public service as a Probation Officer and a leader of the Los Angeles County Probation Officers Union. He also served on Commissions in Monterey Park. He listens and works with the people.

Hans Liang, Stephen Lam and Peter Chan brought Monterey Park back to the people.

The city has a balanced budget, City Hall is now opened five days a week, the library is opened seven days a week, the street are being repaved and the Market Place is scheduled to open in Spring 2018.

This team, Hans Liang, Stephen Lam and Peter Chan, transformed Monterey Park to a better place.

Han Liang recalled meeting Judy Chu at a Holiday event before he ran for office. He praised Judy Chu for her service to our country. She is a model for the community. He asked the guests for their support and thanked Judy Chu for her support.


Thomas Wong said he met Hans Liang at a conference. He is honest person and I   support his re-election.


Ed Chau said he is here to support Hans Liang. He cares deeply about our community. He is proud of Hans Liang. He supports the police department and fire department. Our fire department is one of the top fire departments in the country.

Hans Liang supports us. He thanked Hans for his friendship.

Hans Liang spoke about meeting Ed Chau when he was a Montebello School Boardmember. He serves his constituents. He thanked Ed for his support.


Jeffrey Prang said he is proud to support Hans Liang. He is a well-regarded official in Los Angeles County. He supports public safety and the parks. He is a great Councilmember and great Mayor.

Hans Liang recalled that Jeffrey Prang was a member of the West Hollywood City Council before he was elected as the County Assessor. He is a good colleague and thanked him for his support.


Stephen Lam thanked everyone for coming to support Hans Liang. He needs Hans Liang to help the city finish their projects at the Market Place and the three hotels. They work closely on the Council. He needs Hans to help serve the Monterey Park residents. He supports Hans for another four years. He is dedicated to Monterey Park. We need the tax revenue for the city. Please vote for Hans Liang and Peter Chan in the March election.

Hans Liang said Stephen Lam is now serving on the City Council. He also served on the BIDAC to help the downtown businesses. He serves the city.


Mike Fong asked the residents to vote for Hans Liang. He has the support of the city and county public safety officers, the fire departments and the police departments. He needs Hans Liang to be re-elected.

Hans Liang said the Mike Fong helped him learn about the county.


Joe Gonzalez supports Han Liang for re-election. He works for his city.

Hans Liang recalled that he met Joe Gonzalez at several events.


Jeff Maloney said he met Hans Liang during the Special Olympics celebrations sponsored by his city of Alhambra and Monterey Park. He supports Hans’ re-election to the Monterey Park City Council.

Hans Liang also recalled meeting Jeff Maloney during the Special Olympics.  He was just elected to the Alhambra City Council in November.


Rosemead City Councilmember Stephen Ly said he supports Hans Liang. They have worked together along with other cities in the San Gabriel Valley. Hans is a great leader.

Hans Liang recalled that they met in Washington DC during the Mayors Conference when they both served as mayors of their cities.


Rosemead Councilmember Polly Low said she supports Hans Liang. He works for the Monterey Park residents and businesses.

Hans Liang called Polly an “Iron Lady”.  She ran twice for the City Council before she was elected. She serves the Rosemead voters. He thanked her for her support.


Former Mayor David Lau said he is here to support Hans Liang. He needs to be re-elected as he has great people skills. He knows about crime as a probation officer. He is a great asset to Monterey Park. He needs to be re-elected.  Hans Liang and Peter Chan both need to be re-elected. They work with the people of Monterey Park.

Hans Liang said David Lau served on the Council for 15 years. He is happy to follow in him into public service.


School Boardmember Mike Eng said he supports Hans Liang. He is a team player. He asked everyone to support Hans.


Han Liang with his supporters from the CCBA who attended his fundraiser.


Former Mayor Anthony Wong thanked all of the residents who support Hans Liang. He is a hard worker for Monterey Park. He supports the city and the residents. He asked everyone to support Hans Liang.

Hans Liang recalled that Anthony Wong helped him at City Hall was he was newly elected to the Council.


Hans Liang thanked everyone for being here today. He needs supporters to walk for him, make calls for him and donate funds for his re-election.

The last four years have gone by fast. He has been accessible and wants to complete the latest projects. He wants to serve for four more years. He thanked all of his supporters.

He thanked his wife, Lani, for her support. He is happy to have her as his wife.

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