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Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library’s 10th Anniversary


City Librarian Norma Arvizu welcomed the residents to celebrate the 10th Year Anniversary of the library’s renovation on September 10th.

This library has employed her for the last eight years. The library building was expanded twice its original size.

In 2006 the library opened as a great airy building. Folks would walk through the library every day. Most of the residents here are responsible for this library.

She thanked the key players and applauded them.

Mrs. Arvizu spoke about a Pew Report that stated that libraries had a drop in attendance because of the new technology. She said that more affluent neighborhoods could afford to buy their children computers.

Monterey Park ‘s library has more and more people attending. She counted 250 patrons on the second floor on Wednesday September 7th for story time, movies and computer classes.

Our library serves the community. They need to beg people to leave at closing time.

The key players knew what the community needed. Our library is successful.


Councilmember Peter Chan said Mayor Ing and Vice Mayor Real Sebastian are out of town so they could not attend this event.

Ten years ago the library was in poor condition with buckets set out to catch the rain from the leaky roof. Books were caught in the rain and the building was in very bad shape.

Measure C gave us the seed money for this new library. We raised over $600,0000 locally in a few months.

He thanked all of the residents and the Board of Trustees. They went through difficult times.

Councilmember Chan asked the residents to keep supporting our library.

Mrs. Arvizu stated that Peter Chan is very involved in the library.


Councilmember Hans Liang said he has lived in Monterey Park for the last 14 years. The library is the hub for the kids.  He does not have any children so he has not been very active in the library.  He came to see the new building. He commended the staff.

The building is just a shell. The people on staff make the library great. Our current ratio in one staff member to 74 residents.

He is proud of our library. It is a part of the community. He thanked Peter Chan for being involved with the library. He thanked Yukio Kawaratani for being involved with Measure C.

Councilmember Liang congratulated the city and the staff. He is looking forward to a long and flourishing future with our library.

Mrs. Arvizu thanked her staff for the programs they created for the clients.  Her staff leaves the library with a smile. She thanked City Manager Paul Talbot who is always on board.  She thanked Yukio Kawaratani and Francisco Alonso for making the library a success.


Yukio Kawaratani holding the famous Measure C sign spoke about the new library.

They had $4,000 towards the bond with $1,000 donated by Francisco Alonso.

The Library Board worked on the library grant that was a statewide bond issue.

Measure C was a key part of winning the grant. It passed by 19 votes.

Mike Eng, Peter Chan and Francisco Alonso raised $350,000 in private donations to bring the amount to over $450,000 for the grant.

The state liked our bond application so we received the $8.9 million to construct the new library. The Board hired Paul Murdoch to design the new 5,200 square foot building.

Measure C is a 20-year bond to repay the bonds for the construction of the building.

Mr. Kawaratani said we need more funds for extending the library hours, pay for additional staff members and additions to our book collection. Please pass a renewal of Measure C.

Mrs. Arvizu stated that we need to say YES to Measure C.


City Clerk Vince Chang said he was a former Boardmember. Our library is still here. He helped to choose the artwork above the entrance of the building. Several themes were suggested but he is glad that the Board selected this one. The library provides for the future for all of us.

One of the benefits for Americans and future Americans is the right to vote. He asked people to please vote. Tell people that they have a right to speak.

Norma Arvizu introduced members of the Friends of the Library, members of the Board of Trustees and members of the Library Foundation to the audience.


Nancy Ishino-Gilmore represented the Friends of the Library. She introduced the Friends to the audience. They raise funds for the library at the Book Store that are used for student and adult activities, refreshments for the events, and to send employees to classes and conferences for new ideas for the library. She introduced her fellow members and thanked the audience for their support. She suggested that residents join the Friends.


Maria Elena Yepes represented the Board of Trustees. She introduced the Boardmembers to the audience. We need more support for the library and Measure C.  She explained how the funds are spent for our library. She also said the library was very important to her as the librarian helped her and other children learn English so they could become successful. She has personal gratitude for librarians.

Readers support the Monterey Park library. We need to reach out to the public for more funding. She thanked the audience for their support.


Theresa Amador represented the Library Foundation. She introduced Foundation members to the audience. They raise funds for the extras that the city does not provide.  The Gala raised over $25,000. The residents and service clubs help raise funds. She spoke about the Library’s Day at the Races scheduled for October 15th. They work with the Friends for more I pads and purchased two more issues of the local newspaper. They have a Christmas wish list for additional needs and wants at the library. Santa always gives the children books at the holiday event. We work together and support the library and staff that they send to conferences. We need your help to support the library. It is the pride of the community.

Norma Arvizu said the future of the library for the next ten years is 62 more public computers; several more I pads; ten more laptops for the students and more newspapers subscriptions for the public.

We need to go digital but we will still have books. The younger generations like remote access so we need an interactive website. We need remote access from peoples’ homes. We need to increase the books, DVDs and database for E-books and data links.

We also need a generator since the library has lost power three times in the last year and they had to close the building down.

Mrs. Arvizu said the Pew Report has libraries losing patrons in neighbors with above average incomes. Monterey Park has average to below average incomes so immigrant students need to use the library services for their education.

The library needs additional funding to also extend the hours and services to the community.

She thanked the residents for supporting Measure C. She asked them to help provide more financial support.

Councilmember Stephen Lam arrived at the event to show his support.



Former Mayor Francisco Alonso wore his Measure C tee shirt to the event.

Monterey Park residents are very proud of the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library located at 318 S. Ramona Avenue.  For library hours and additional information please call 626-307-1368 or visit www.montereypark.ca.gov/Library.

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