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Monterey Park Community Education Outreach


Assistant City Manager and Public Works Director Ron Bow welcomed the residents to the Monterey Park City Hall on July 20th.

Mayor Mitch Ing and Vice Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian supported this Education Outreach to the community to update the residents on the airplane noises and on public safety issues that are reported in the news.

Mr. Bow stated that 70 residents of the city including several-elected official attended an LAX Community Noise Roundtable discussion held on July 13th at the airport.

They advised the committee that the low flying airplanes are disrupting the quality of life in the city.


Mayor Ing welcomed all of the community to this evening’s event. He said 70 community members attended the Roundtable meeting. They complained of the airplane noise created by low flying plane that fly over our city.

LAX is using Monterey Park as a turning point for planes arriving from the west.

We have health and safety issues when every 45 seconds or so planes fly over us.  Monterey Park is hilly and the airlines need to realize it.


Margaret Leung, a longtime resident and commissioner, welcomed the residents to this meeting. She holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

She created a Power Point Presentation on her research of the low flying planes that create noise and shakes her home.

Her research proves that the number of flights over Monterey Park has increased steadily since 2012 from 17,724 to 28,620 flights in the last year. This is an increase of 10,896 yearly flights or nearly 30 more flights each day.

The data on low flying planes was even worst.  Low altitude flights (that means 2,400 to 3,000 feet) have more than doubled in January 2016 then what they were in January 2014.

Our city, located 25 miles from LAX, is being used as a corridor by more and more turnaround flights with low flying airplanes.

Since Monterey Park is located on hills the planes could be flying as low as 900 feet over the city.

Since 1999 Monterey Park residents and elected officials have been requesting help from LAX and the FAA to change the flight patterns for low flying plane over the city.

To view Ms. Leung’s Power Point or file your complaints on low flying air planes please visit the city’s website http://www.montereypark.ca.gov/.

Margaret Leung can be reached by e-mail at LAXPlanes@gmail.com or phone 626-269-9813.


Vice Mayor Real Sebastian spoke about Next Gen and Metroplex that can be reviewed on the Federal Aviation Administration website http://www.faa.gov/.

Nex Gen was to improve the airspace efficiency throughout the USA.

Metroplex will result in new approaches and departure procedures. It may change where and how the planes will fly over us. It could reduce the noise level and change the number of planes flying over Monterey Park on their downwind approach.

The FAA is the only agency that can make any changes to the flight patterns of airplanes flying over the USA.

The next LAX Roundtable Meeting will be held on September 14th at LAX.  These meeting are opened to the public.

She thanked the staff and Margaret Leung for their assistance.


Police Chief Jim Smith thanked the residents for being here tonight. The Police Department will be discussing community safety and the recent issues about the police officers in the news.

He and his department thanked the community for their support. They are proud to serve us.


Captain Gene Harris, a 25-year member of the department, thanked the residents for their support. We need to keep it going.

You need to be aware of your surroundings. Look for things that are not right.

Call the police if you see anything wrong.  You can call 911 or the dispatcher’s number at 626-573-1311 to report anything suspicious.

The police officers will arrive on site and investigate the situation.


Agent Danny Salazar, a 12-year member of the department, said the police need your help to solve crimes. Give the dispatcher as much information as you can on the issue.

Captain Harris advised the residents if you are not comfortable at the location keep on going. Think your way through it. Don’t put yourself in danger.

Agent Salazar reminded the residents that the Monterey Park Police Department is proactive. It is a safe city.

He reminded the residents to help prevent burglaries to make sure your home appears to be inhabited at all times. Lock all of your doors and windows of your home or car when unattended. Do not display or store valuables in sight through your home or car windows.  Park your car in a locked garage or well lit area.

Law enforcement encounters social ills that need to be solved.

They spoke about the traffic stops that the officers handle daily.

You can control the situation by pulling over in a safe place and keep you hands in sight.


Mayor Ing and Agent Salazar provided a demonstration of a traffic stop.

Put your hands on the steering wheel and don’t reach for your license, registration or proof of insurance.

The police officer will instruction you on what to do.

Don’t get out of your car.

Ask permission to get your license, registration and proof of insurance. Tell the officer where you will be reaching for these documents.

The police officer has discretion on when to issue you a ticket or a warning. The event is about safety and education.

A citation is to appear in court.

Captain Harris advised the residents that the officer might have their weapon out. Keep your hands where they can be seen.

You can ask to see the Police ID card and call the station if you have any complaints. Audio and videotapes are recording the stop.

Monterey Park Police always respond to any calls on public safety.

Agent Salazar said to get to know your neighbors. Please report all suspicious activities when you see them at the time.

Chief Smith thanked the residents for their support.

Mr. Bow said to stay tuned for more LAX information.

He stated that you should always ask for ID from anyone who appears at your door.

Mayor Ing thanked Mr. Bow, Chief Smith, Captain Harris, Agent Salazar, Margaret Leung and Vice Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian for this program.

Be safe!

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