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On June 26th Librarian Cindy Costales welcomed residents to the Laura Scudder Program Series. Today, we are featuring a film titled “Julie & Julia”.  Julie Powell wrote a book about her recreating the 524 recipes created by the famous cook Julia Childs.

The movie was based on the book written by Julie Powell, who lived and worked in New York City. She decided to challenge Julia Childs’ cookbook and blog her successes and failures to her followers.

The book combined memories of Julia Childs in letters from her husband and other family members.

The movie told the true stories about the lives of both women Julia Childs and Julie Powell. They lived in different times yet both women had to overcome adversaries.

This movie is a tribute to Laura Scudder who also had to overcome adversaries in her life. She also transformed the power of food on our commerce and cuisine.

Mrs. Costales thanked everyone for attending after a short discussion about the movie.

The library has bookmarks “Reading is so Delicious” dedicated to the Laura Scudder Summer Reading Program 2016.

For additional information about the Laura Scudder Program Series please call 626-307-1368.

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