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Open House


Monterey Park employees hosted an Open House on May 18th at the City Yard. The event featured an old fashion Chili Cook Off that was enjoyed by residents and employees.

Members of the Police and Fire Departments made financial donations to this event.


The mini Athens Trash Truck was displayed with pride.  Athens is the current city trash service.

The event featured vendors who sponsored auto and truck parts, paint and other related services.


A picture of our new Sewer Vacuum truck, which is used to help keep our sewer system flowing.


One of our favorite trucks is the one that patches up the potholes in our streets.

The city yard has their own car and truck repair service to keep our cars and trucks on the roads.




We are the owners of a skip loader; lawnmowers and a Kawasaki mule that help staff keep our parklands beautiful.


Staff members from Athens grilled hot dogs and hamburgers to feed the hungry guests who also added chili to their hot dogs and hamburgers.


Assistance City Manager Ron Bow announced the Chili Cook Off contest winners: Cesar Vega; Dan Sabadin; George Noriega and Daryl Burnett.


Mr. Bow thanked his committee members: Christine, Lorena and Mary Lou for their support of this event.

Mr. Bow also thanked the Public Works Department, Fire Department, Police Department, residents, and employees for their support.

He hopes to make the Open House an annual event so the residents can meet and greet their employees.

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