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Student Council


Retired Monterey Park City Clerk Theresa Amador welcomed the students, their parents and friends to this Student City Council Meeting held in the Council Chambers on March 12th.

These students are the winners of the Bike Essay Contest who have been chosen to participate in the discussion on the Bike Lane at Avenida Cesar Chavez and Riggin Street.

She introduced Mayor Peter Chan, Traffic Commissioners Paul Perez and Steven Klein, City Manager Paul Talbot, Assistant City Manager Ron Bow, City Clerk Vince Chang, Chamber President Dora Leung and the contest coordinator Janet Yu to the audience.


Mayor Chan said he helped to develop this essay contest because the students are concerned about our daily lives and the environmental issues. The debate on the bike lane on Riggin and Cesar Chavez also know as Brooklyn Avenue. This meeting will be taped and forwarded to the city manager, city attorney and the Traffic Commission to determine the fate of the bike lane. It will come to the City Council for a decision. The Council will read the Traffic Commission’s report

He thanked the students and their parents for attending this event. He wished them success in their futures. You are our future leaders.


Chloe Ng received an Honorable Mention for her participation.


High School Students: City Treasurer Lance Okouno; City Clerk Gary Chen; Mayor Caitlyn Yang; Mayor Pro Tem Sarah Davis; Councilmembers Sabrina Sy, Kellie Chin and Casey Kwan took their seats on the dais.

The rules stated that all of the students could participate in the discussion by only the five councilmembers could vote on the agenda item.

Mayor Yang opened the meeting.  The Monterey Park Fire Explorers presented the colors for the flag salute.

Public speakers voiced their concerns about the bike lane.

Jenny Wang stated the bike lane was very important for the students who ride their bikes to school. Safety should override the need for money to construct the bike lanes.

Andy Lau agreed it is necessary to have bike lanes for safety. He stated that bike lanes promote bike safety and reduces traffic accidents.

Andrew Yip said he spoke to a 75-year-old resident who received a traffic ticket for riding her bike on the sidewalk. We need more bike lanes for safety. People can’t ride their bikes on the sidewalks. He stated the businesses would benefits by bike riders. We need safer intersections for all.

Jessica Ramos stated she cycles 15 miles a day. She is concerned about her safety. She asked for bike lanes for safety. She stated that cities with bike lanes have a lower accident rate.

Mayor Chan explained the city’s plans for our bike lanes. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority will provide the funds. A total of 35 bike-involved collisions were identified from the state database for the last 10 years. Most of the collisions were broadside collisions with another vehicle. The next most frequent type of collision was head-on collisions. Eleven of the collisions involved bicyclists riding on the wrong side of the street.

Existing traffic volume on the project street is not excessive relative to the roadway capacities. The proposed bike facility modifications will affect the motor vehicles capacity on Riggin between Gebhart and Hendrick and Gebhart between Pomona and Riggin.  While the capacity will be reduced on these segments, the level of service conditions should continue to be acceptable.

He also explained the various bike lanes and city’s continues ongoing traffic maintenance and monitoring activities. The Traffic Commission will present their findings to the Council for their decision.

Lance Okouno stated that Atlantic and Riggin connects many locations in the city. Riggin will give the students safety to travel in the city. It would be a benefit.

Gary Chen said the bike lanes have their pros and cons. Riggin Street is very narrow. There are safety issues because the streets are not wide enough for bike lanes. It will not be a benefit.

Casey Kwan agreed that is not a benefit to have bike lanes in Monterey Park. Cesar Chavez and Riggin have large traffic issues. They are heavily traveled and need to be repaired. Bike lanes will cause traffic issues. Bike lanes could cause a loss in business because drivers will not stop if there is no place to park. Stores need more parking places. Safety will be an issue.

Kellie Chin stated that bike lanes for East Los Angeles student would be beneficial. It will make it more safer for them.

Sabrina Sy agreed that bike lanes would be beneficial for East Los Angeles students. She hopes more people will ride their bikes. Bike lanes will be good for short trips.  Bike riders need to dress for riding at night.

Sarah Davis said the location is dangerous with heavy traffic and many parked cars. Additional funds should be used to fill the potholes. This is not a good idea.

Caitlyn Yang said she needs more information on the safety concern to make her decision. She is in favor of the bike lanes and safety markers. This is good for the business and the city.

The Student Council voted three to two (Yes: Kellie Chin, Sabrina Sy and Caitlyn Yang No: Casey Kwan and Sarah Davis).

Theresa Amador and Peter Chan thanked the students and parents for attending this meeting.


Peter Chan, Vince Chang, Steve Klein, Paul Perez, Theresa Amador and Janet Yu joined student councilmembers and public speakers at the end of this special event.

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