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People Who Make A Difference


Delario Robinson, President of the Monterey Park Democratic Club welcomed the guests to their Annual Awards Banquet held at the Ocean Star Restaurant on February 25th.

We thank God for this great opportunity to enjoy this company.

This year’s honorees are Richard Gorman and Cici Lau.  They have dedicated many years of service to the community without being publically acknowledged.


Former Monterey Park Mayor David Lau sang “God Bless America” at the opening of this special event.

Mr. Robinson introduced Mayor Peter Chan, Councilmembers Hans Liang and Stephen Lam, retired City Clerks Dave Barron and Theresa Amador, Trustee Mike Eng and former Mayor David Lau to the audience. We appreciate you coming and your love of our country.  You can’t beat some of our elected officials.


Jeff Schwartz said this Award was founded in 2002 by the United Democratic Club to honor a Monterey Park man and woman who have received minimum public recognition for their persistent involvement in civic enterprises that contribute to the betterment of our community. We recognize people who have not run for public office. In 2013-2014 the clubs combined to the Monterey Park Democratic Club.

Mr. Robinson said as president he uses the talent of the club to keep people informed on federal and state issues for the residents of Monterey Park.


Mayor Peter Chan stated he is happy to see Richard Gorman, who has played Santa Claus and the Chinese God of Wealth at several community events. He brings joy to the children. He thanked Richard for his efforts.

Mayor Chan remarked that Cici Lau is a well-known singer and performer. She also teaches students how to perform. He thanked Cici for her efforts.

He said the Democratic Club needs to work hard for a Democrat president. He thanked the club members so much for this event.

Mr. Robinson stated that Peter Chan has polish. It takes an effort.


Councilmember Hans Liang said it is a pleasure to be here tonight. It is great to celebrate people.

He thanked Richard Gorman for his efforts to the residents. Congratulations!

He thanked Cici Lau, a shining star in our community. She performs at the library. He enjoys her performances. She has made a contribution to the community.

He also thanked Mr. Robinson and the club for this event.

Mr. Robinson remarked that Hans Liang has a smooth voice when he was mayor.


Councilmember Stephen Lam stated he is happy to be a member of the club.  He is honored to be here for Richard Gorman and Cici Lau. They both have earned a lot of respect.

Richard Gorman is at the Chamber. He is an excellent person. He is always happy. I call him Ben Franklin! He is everywhere, the library and the Chamber. He is also a volunteer. He has so much love for the city. He thanked Mrs. Gorman and her family. Richard is a friend for life.

Cici Lau always helps David Lau. He traveled to Asia with them. She is the best wife and lady in town. She is a shining star in Hollywood. He said the she also writes in English not Chinese. He thanked her for her contributions to the community, her family and the country.

He remarked that Cici and Richard are the best persons. He thanked the club for this event.

Mr. Robinson stated that Stephen Lam has the talent to overcome any problems with diversity in our city.

The Robinson family moved to Monterey Park 15 years ago. They are glad to be in the community.


Kathy Wills spoke about working on this event for eight years. Now she enjoys it as a guest. She presented butterfly rings to the ladies since Cici Lau lifts our spirits. She remarked that Richard Gorman is a gentleman. They don’t get gifts because you have the ladies.

She hopes our new president makes us proud. We live in the best country in the world.

She thanked everyone for attending this event.


Board of Trustees Mike Eng thanked Peter Chan, Hans Liang, Stephen Lam, David Lau, Dave Barron and Theresa Amador for their public service to the community.


He is here to honor Richard Gorman for his services to the Chamber. He works quietly but he gets the job done. He thanked him for his public service.

He thanked the club for keeping this award.


He is here to honor Cici Lau, an incredible actress. She has taken a lot of parts that were not written for an Asian actor. She sings and has entertained guests at Barnes Park. She is married to an elected official. She and David Lau both know equality. He thanked her for her service to the community.

Mr. Eng joked that Delario Robinson sends him Emails for the event he must attend.

Mr. Robinson asked what would we do without Mike Eng in our community?

Mr. Robinson also gave a brief history of his service to the Los Angeles community before he moved to Monterey Park and joined the club. Mike Woo told him he would go far. He moved to Monterey Park with his wife, Diana, to make a good life for themselves and their children. He met Mike Eng, Peter Chan, Hans Liang and Stephen Lam.


David Lau introduced his wife, Cici Lau, to the audience. He is honored to be here to honor his wife. Cici is multi-talented, with credibility and intelligence. He gave a profile of her life as she worked as a social worker and a mortgage broker. She then decided to enter into the world of acting, singing, directing and writing.

He called her humble and she doesn’t ask for recognition. He did list her honors from local elected officials.

Cici is forever young. She has been successful in getting jobs in Hollywood. She has broken the glass ceiling for older Chinese Americans.

She has received numerous awards for her acting. She is a well-respected celebrity in our community.  She dedicates her time to serving the community.


David Lau, Mike Eng, Delario Robinson, Peter Chan, Hans Liang, Stephen Lam and Kathy Wills surrounded Cici Lau as she received a proclamation from Assemblymember Ed Chau in honor of this event.


Cici Lau thanked everyone for this honor. It is an honor to receive this award. She is grateful. She helps the community. She does the best she can. Monterey Park has been home for so long. They plan to live here for the rest of their lives. We love you all. This year they are celebrating their 50th anniversary.  She thanked the club so much for this award.


Mark Hanachek, a childhood friend of Richard Gorman, said he is honored to be here tonight. He met Richard in 2nd grade and they have been friends ever since. He said Richard has been a leader since he was a child. He has made a difference. He runs the family business and has taken a leadership role.  He stated that Richard’s mind is always churning.  He has dedicated thousand of hours to the city events.


Virginia Greene said she met Richard Gorman through the Chamber. She called him a wonderful volunteer, who is always around.


Mike Eng, David Lau, Delario Robinson, Peter Chan, Hans Liang, Stephen Lam, Virginia Greene, Donna Gorman, Mark Hanachek, Theresa Amador and Kathy Wills surrounded Richard Gorman as he received a proclamation from Assemblymember Ed Chau in honor of this event.


Richard Gorman with his mother, Donna Gorman, thanked the club for his award. It is for all of us who work together. He enjoys the diversity of the city. He is 58 years old and has lived in Monterey Park for the last 57 years. He attended local schools. He worked for the Monterey Park Progress and the Alhambra Advocate. He learned about the city with the local newspaper. Monterey Park is 100 years old and the National Park Service is 100 years old. We have a lot of celebrations. He spoke about volunteering and how it changes his life. He loves his family and friends. He has enjoyed the journey. He asked God to bless everyone.

Delario Robinson thanked the guests for their attendance. He thanked Cici Lau and Richard Gorman and congratulated them.

Mayor Peter Chan thanked friends and family members for supporting Cici Lau and Richard Gorman. He thanked the club members for their support.

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