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Trees of Enchantment


Executive Director Marta Escanuelas welcomed everyone to the 60th Anniversary of MERCI. In 1955 families who had special needs children and were not able to find services for them established it.


Emcee Nick Guerra welcomed supporters and guests to MERCI’s 26th Annual Trees of Enchantment Brunch and Fundraiser held on December 6th at Luminarias Restaurant in Monterey Park. He thanked the volunteers and guests. Your support adds to the event.





Twenty themed holiday trees complete with gifts were the center of attention as people put their raffle tickets into boxes located in front of each tree.  They hope to be the lucky winners of the tree of their dreams.


Congressmember Judy Chu congratulated MERCI on their 60th Anniversary with a proclamation to Marta Escanuelas. They have developed from a small group of families onto a service that operates Ernie’s Place, the Duce House and now a larger building for more day classes. She has supported MERCI for the last 30 years when she served on the City Council. She pledged to continue to support MERCI. They help support the community.


Trustee Mike Eng and former City Councilmember said he was happy to be here today. He called MERCI the best and fastest growing organization. He presented a proclamation to Marta Escanuelas and Boardmembers Christina Cisneror, Keith Breskin, Bob Bruesch, Elizabeth Diaz and Rene Araiza for their service to the community.


Santa Claus and his friend, Aiden enjoyed a quiet moment at the party.


Marta Escanuelas received proclamations from the Monterey Park City Council and Assemblymember Ed Chau.

City Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian congratulated MERCI for 60 years of service to the community. The city appreciates everything MERCI has done for the mentally challenged. They provide them with dignity and education. Their staff is heroes in the city. We are all honored and proud to have MERCI. She thanked all of the supporters. She pledged to continue to champion MERCI. Happy Holidays! Have a safe one and spend time with your family.

City Clerk Vince Chang said he agreed with Councilmember Real Sebastian. Happy Holidays!

Henry Lo representing Assemblymember Ed Chau, a longtime supporter of MERCI. He congratulated MERCI for their 60 years of service to the community with dignity.



MERCI Jinglers provided entertainment as they sang Christmas carols and rang bells to the delight of their families and friends.

President Christina Cisneros thanked all for coming to support MERCI.


Marta Escanuelas presented Boardmembers Christina Cisneror, Keith Breskin, Linda Wilson, Pastor Shel Hess, Bob Bruesch, Elizabeth Diaz and Rene Araiza with a proclamation from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.


Santa Claus with assistance from Bernice and Blanco set up the video that showed MERCI’s 60-year history in pictures. It is available to view on their face book page.

Marta Escanuelas thanked her staff, volunteers and Santa Claus for today’s event.  She said the new administration building would be completed at the end of December. This project was started 10 years ago when Monterey Park offered MERCI money to rebuild on their one-acre site in the city. The building housing new classrooms should be completed in March or April.

She thanked EDGE/Ledcor and Facility Builder and Erectors, the builders and Genesis, LA, the lender for their support, dedication and services to MERCI. She thanked Monterey Park and the generous donors for their support.

MERCI supports a population that nobody likes to look at. MERCI gives back a quality service to these special people.

She thanked everyone for inviting us into their homes and being here today.


Boardmember Bob Bruesch asked for a moment of silence for the 14 people who died at the San Bernardino Regional Center. They provide services to their clients.

Mr. Bruesch with his two assistants passed buckets to raise additional funds for MERCI.  MERCI means thank you. They currently provide 12 beds to assist non-ambulatory residents at two centers. These clients require services 24/7.

He announced that they raised an additional $3,306 from the guests.


Young guests helped pull the winning raffle tickets for the 20 lucky guests who won the tree of their dreams.

Marta Escanuelas thanked the student volunteers from Rosemead High School for their assistance. She thanked everyone for their donations.

She thanked the guests for your love, support and money. Thank you for caring.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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