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Disaster Preparedness in Monterey Park

Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing, Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian and Treasurer Joseph Leon attended this special presentation at City Hall on December 2nd.


Councilmember Real Sebastian thanked the staff, the Police Department, the Fire Department and the Public Works Department for preparing the city, residents and businesses for El Nino and other disasters.


Mayor Pro Tem Ing welcomed everyone to this special event. Council will be graded for how well they prepared the city for any disasters. He spoke about the tragedy in the Inland Empire and asked that we keep them in our thoughts and prayers. He is pleased the fire, the police and the other departments are prepared for El Nino that is expected in January and February next year.

He spoke about the 1979-1980 mudslides in Monterey Park. Former Police Chief Jon Elder advised him that he personally provided aid to a resident stuck in the mud up to his neck before he was rescued. It is predicted that this El Nino will be worst than the one in 1979-1980.

The Council is working together with the staff to protect the health and safety of the residents and business owners.


City Treasurer Joseph Leon thanked the Police Department, the Fire Department and the residents for being prepared for El Nino.


Assistant City Manager and Public Works Director Ron Bow asked the residents to check out the CERT trailer. Please take away from this presentation the ability to be ready to survive the disasters like fires and El Nino. You must be prepared to take care of yourself.  The city’s website will be updated with advise and this event will be broadcasted on the city’s website and television stations. If you still have additional questions please call City Hall for assistance at 626-307-1281 or Captain Matt Hallock at 626-307-1271.


Fire Captain Matt Hallock thanked Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing and Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian for having this special meeting for the community. We are prepared. “Preparation is Prevention”.

This meeting will help you be prepared for El Nino and California earthquakes on how you can survive.  The event will also provide holiday tips for fire safety, your pets’ safety and our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).


Engineer Gregg spoke about sidewalk CPR that you only have to do chest compressions to the beat of “Staying Alive” until the paramedics arrive to take over the person’s care.  Keeping the blood circulation with chest compressions is more important than performing mouth-to mouth (breath of life). It keeps people alive.


He showed the audience how to perform sidewalk CPR on adults. People need to get involved.  Firefighters can also provide instructions on how to perform CPR on adults and children.

Chief Matt Hallock reminded the audience that the Good Samaritan laws protect the general public from undue liability during good faith rescue/first aid attempts.

He also explained what people should carry in the emergency kit that should be stored in their cars and homes.  Please see the city’s website for a list of their recommended supplies. Don’t forget to pack your medicines, pet supplies, important paperwork and cash in small denominations.

The firefighters and police officers may not be able to help you for seven days after a massive disaster. You need to be prepared to help your family, neighbors and yourself.


Police Chief Jim Smith introduced our Animal Control Officer Will Estrada to provide safety information our how to take care of your pets after a disaster.


Officer Will Estrada asked the residents to please have their pets collars up today with current information to call for a rescued pet.  He suggested micro-chipping your pets so they can be reunited with their owners. He also suggested a current picture of your pet for identification purposes.

He advised residents to keep a watchful eye on their pets as they may be traumatized. Keep the cats and dogs separated until they calm down.  Keep them inside and have moist food, water, newspapers, a first aid kit and pets toys to make them more comfortable.

The firefighters had a video to show the public how to use sandbags to help prevent flooding in their homes or businesses.


Captain Rick Burroughs spoke about the 1980s with the sever rainstorms with all of the water runoff that needs to be addressed now. Clean out your storm drains, roof gutters and have the trees trimmed away from your roof. If you’re cut down any trees please leave the root system to hold the soil especially on hillsides.

The city will be mailing our additional information on being prepared for El Nino.

If you leave your homes for safety reasons please notify the Police Department so they will have a record of your new location.

Captain Burroughs also explained that the Christmas tree must be kept watered to prevent it from drying out and becoming a fire hazard. Be careful with the Christmas lights decorating the outside of your house next to your rain gutters, as they are also a safety hazard. He wished everyone a safe holiday!

Captain Hallock took questions from the floor.


Battalion Chief Mark Khail thanked everyone for being here today. Be prepared. Please join the CERT team and Neighborhood Watch. He thanked Mitch Ing and Teresa Real Sebastian for this special meeting. Please see the city’s webpage for more information.

Assistant City Manager Bow said the City Hall would help the residents to help themselves. Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. He thanked Mitch Ing, Teresa Real Sebastian, the Fire Department and the Police Department.



Residents flocked to the CERT trailer to learn how to turn off their utilities in an emergency.

The new city mottos are “Preparation is Prevention” and “If its predictable-it’s preventable”.

The Monterey Park’s website is www.montereypark.ca.gov, Public Works Department, Storm Preparation.

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