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Historical Jardin El Encanto and the Cascades



On October 23rd the residents, business owners and employees celebrated the 85th birthday of Monterey Park’s famous historical landmarks created by Peter N. Snyder.


Mr. Snyder, a Greek immigrant, was a real estate developer in 1920s.  He had a vision of building and selling homes in the hills north of Atlantic Blvd. in Monterey Park and the adjoining city of Alhambra. He called his development Midwick View Estates.

Several months after he built his elaborate “Art Deco/Spanish” sales office with the waterfalls tragedy struck. The stock market crashed in 1929 along with Mr. Snyder’s dreams.

Records state that in 1940 Mr. Snyder deeded his El Encanto and waterfalls to the city.

El Encanto currently houses The Greater Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce that will meet and greet residents, overseas visitors and delegations.  It will also serve as a visitors’ center.



Members of the Mark Keppel High School Band with Aztec cheerleaders opened the celebration at El Encanto.


Mayor Peter Chan welcomed everyone to El Encanto and the Cascades. These are Monterey Park’s historical sites. Tonight we are celebrating The Greater Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce. Enjoy the night!


Councilmember Hans Liang, City Clerk Vince Chang and City Treasurer Joseph Leon joined in the celebration. Councilmember Liang thanked everyone for being here to celebrate this exciting time. It is a wonderful occasion for the City of Monterey Park. City Clerk Chang was the Master of Ceremonies.  He was dressed in the 1920’s style. City Treasurer Leon waved to the guests. San Gabriel Vice Mayor Chin Ho Liao joined the party.


Elected officials and Chamber members pictured in front of El Encanto during the 85th celebration.


Enrique Robles presented a proclamation from Congressmember Judy Chu to the Chamber in honor of the celebration.


Henry Lo presented a proclamation from Assemblymember Ed Chau to the Chamber in honor of the celebration.


Dora Leung, President of the Chamber presented a plaque to Dr. Carla Bartlett and Band Major Lauren Fukushima as a thank you for joining in the historical celebration.

The event featured food booths and information booths.

Monterey Park Mayor Peter Chan, Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing, Councilmembers Teresa Real Sebastian and Hans Liang, City Clerk Vince Chang and City Clerk Joseph Leon met with the residents at the Cascades for the re-dedication on October 23rd.


Mayor Peter Chan welcomed everyone to the re-dedication of our famous Cascades. It is featured on our City Seal.


Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian welcomed residents to this beautiful event.  We can come together. A $400,000 grant from former Supervisor Gloria Molina paid to remodel the waterfalls. Please enjoy this event tonight.


Councilmember Hans Liang welcomed everyone to the celebration. It is the 85th celebration of El Encanto. We are happy to have the waterfall refurbished. It is part of our 100th birthday celebration.


City Clerk Vince Chang said this is a wonderful time to be in Monterey Park. It is a wonderful place to live. The Cascades is wonderful. This begins our100th anniversary with a big party.


Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing called the Cascades a smoking waterfall. Enjoy the event!


Senator Ed Hernandez remembered the waterfalls as a kid. It is refurbished. It is still cool. It is a pleasure to be here. He thanked Supervisors Gloria Molina and Hilda Solis for the donation from the county. He thanked the staff.


Enrique Robles presented a proclamation from Congressmember Judy Chu to the Council. He congratulated Monterey Park for their hard work. This is a local hot spot.


Henry Lo presented a proclamation from Assemblymember Ed Chau to the Council. He is a proud resident of Monterey Park.  This re-dedication is for a wonderful icon. The city and county joined together on this public treasure.


Lawrence Shih presented a proclamation from Supervisor Hilda Solis to the Council. Supervisor Gloria Molina handed the torch to Supervisor Hilda Solis. This is a great example of government working together.


Mayor Peter Chan punched the magic button and the waterfalls flowed in red, green, yellow and blue to the delight of the residents.



Face painting and pumpkin decorating were part of the celebration.


“Amazing Dave” performed several magic acts with assistance from the younger members of the audience. He also created balloon animals, hats and swords for the children.



Members of the Monterey Park Fire Department instructed the residents on how to perform CPR on children and adults. They also showed them how to safely turn off their utilities in case of an earthquake at the CERT trailer.



Members of the Monterey Park Police Department displayed their Special Response Team trailer and some of the weapons to the residents.

This celebration included food booths, games, information booths and much more.


MUGEN, a local band performed several songs for the audiences.

The party at El Encanto also featured food booths, information booths and game booths.


Gypsies and Judges played music and sang in the 1920’s style in keeping with the theme.


Mei Ong, Senator Ed Hernandez and Sam Luk enjoyed the colorful artwork that is carved into the walls and ceiling of El Encanto.


Dr. Simon Kingsley welcomes the guests to the El Encanto and Cascades celebration. Members of his Dance Academy would be performing tonight.





Flamingo Dancers Eldiza McCammon, Theresa Cheng, Maria Elena Magellon and Antonio Magellon danced in front of El Encanto.


Dora Leung introduced Jerry Chung, a representative from Delta Airlines, who has partnered to The Greater Chamber of Monterey Park.


Bernard and Sharlane won the 1920’s costume contest.  Several other well-dressed contestants joined them.


Nivetha and Shreenibht performed several dances from India.


Dr. Simon Kingsley joined with Nivetha, Shreenibht and Paulomi for a group picture in front the fireplace at El Encanto.


The Chamber provided an 85th birthday cake for the celebration.


Guadalupe, an 85-year-old resident, did the honors of blowing out the candles of the cake.  The guests enjoyed the delicious cake.

This was a wonderful family oriented celebration held for the residents, business owners, employees and guests of Monterey Park.

El Encanto is located at 700 El Mercado Avenue.  For a tour of the building please call the Chamber office at 626-570-9429.

The Cascades Waterfall Park is located at 700 S. Atlantic Blvd. at the top of the hill.

On May 29th 2016 Monterey Park will celebrate its 100th birthday.  The city will feature many events in 2016 for the residents, business owners, employees and guests to enjoy.

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