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American Legion Post 397 Fundraiser


Monterey Park Councilmember Stephen Lam and Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan welcomed everyone to the Press Conference held at Post 397 on August 6th.

Councilmember Lam said the Post was built in 1931 and needs a new roof. It leaks when it rains so the members place buckets to collect the indoor rain. It rained on the 18th District Installation.

Councilmember Lam said the Post is requesting new members. This is a place for veterans to get together. The bar is opened to the public. The Legion supports veterans of WWI, WWII and all of the wars. The veterans need a place to meet. They also have an auxiliary division.

The veterans sacrificed their lives and freedoms for us. The US government has the military to protect us. We need to make this building safe. He wants to support the veterans. We should care for the veterans. The Post needs to raise $50,000 for a new roof.

Mayor Pro Tem Chan said he appreciates that the American Legion takes care of the veterans. They sacrificed for us. Their bar has a good beer selection and is opened from 5:00 PM until Last Call.

We need to repair the roof. It has been neglected due to lack of funding. We need to raise the funds to fix the roof. The building is available for the public to rent.

The dinner fundraiser is scheduled for Friday, August 28th at Capital Seafood Restaurant located at 755 W. Garvey Avenue in Monterey Park.  6:00 PM reception and 7:00 PM dinner. Congressmember Judy Chu is their guest speaker.


Commander Gabriel Suarez and fellow veterans Rudy Alvizu, Herbert Aguirre, Louie Morales and James Carroll joined with the Council stated their personal requests for funds to install a new roof on their building.

Commander Gabriel Suarez stated the Post is a non-profit organization. It is an old building. They need the hall to make money. We are here for the veterans. They have classes to help the veterans. They serve dinners several times a year. It is home. We want to keep it going for the young veterans. He thanked the Council and audience for their support. Here the veterans can visit each other in a safe environment. The current roof is flat. They need a pitched roof. He thanked Stephen Lam for his $3,000 donation to the roof fund. He thanked everyone for any donations they have made to the Post.

The roof is number one. They also participate in “Stand Downs” that provide necessary clothing, barber or beauty services to homeless veterans. The events draw between 700 to 1,500 homeless veterans that need additional help and social services.

Louie Morales, an Army veteran, said they collect underwear and socks for the homeless veterans.

Herbert Aguirre, a Korean War veteran, said he has been a member of the Post for 27 year. It is good for the community and the veterans.

Rudy Alvizu, a five-year member of the Post, thanked Stephen Lam and Peter Chan for their support. He installed the air conditioners on the roof. We need a new roof.

James Carroll, an Iraqi War veteran, said the Post needs a new roof. He thanked the Council and audience for their support.

Councilmember Lam thanked the audience for attending this conference.

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