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Chinese American Military Support


Monterey Park Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan was the Master of Ceremonies during a fundraiser held by the Chinese American Military Support at Capital Seafood Restaurant in Monterey Park on March 5.

He welcomed everyone to Monterey Park. He spoke about attending the U. S. Army War College in 2013 with Commander Arthur Fong. He learned about National Security. He joked that tonight’s event is about the military so we will be following military procedures.


Theresa Lam sang our National Anthem.

Peter Chan introduced the VIPs to the guests that included School Board Trustee Mike Eng, Congressmember Judy Chu, State Treasurer John Chiang, Assemblymember Ed Chau, Rosemead Councilmember Polly Low, Monterey Park Councilmembers Hans Liang and Anthony Wong, Councilmember-elect Stephen Lam and Janet Chin from Senator Ed Hernandez’ office.


USN Commander Arthur Fong is the current President of CAMS. He said CAMS was founded in 2003 by parents of military members who were serving in Iraq. The parents joined together to support each other as their children were fighting a war.

Commander Fong spoke abut his military service in the Navy. He has been a Navy Reserve Officer for the last 17 years. He also volunteers in Monterey Park. He stated that Monterey Park has a lot of military people in the city. CAMS is an organization to help the people who want to join the military with a college degree. He stated that a military life is a good life. He wished everyone a Happy New Year!

A video was played as military members wished everyone a Happy New Year!


State Treasurer John Chiang reminded everyone that Freedom is not Free. The Chinese Americans fought for our freedoms. We are part of America. His brother served in the Army for five years. He thanked all of the military. He presented Commander Fong with a proclamation in honor of CAMS.


The elected officials and Boardmembers of CAMS posed for a picture to the delight of the audience.


Community College Board Trustee Mike Eng thanked Peter Chan for attending the military college. He recalled that his father served in World War II. He said he tried to get Asian Americans to join the military. He saluted people who joined the service. He presented Commander Fong with a proclamation in honor of CAMS.


USA Colonel Tom Malin also attended the war college with them. He said that less then one in 100 choose to serve in the military. That is less then .67% of the people that are proud to serve. He thanked Arthur Fong for inviting him and his wife to tonight’s event.


USN, SC, Captain (Retired) Brain Weltzien said he was glad to see the community support for the military. He was Commander Fong’s commander.  Good people like Arthur Fong will do the country proud.  He thanked the audience.


USAF Captain Nicholas Proett said he met Arthur Fong and joined CAMS. He thanked Commander Fong for his support and the invitation to this event.


Captain Joe Luu, a Stand Up Comic, thanked everyone for showing up and wished them a Happy New Year! He joked that Arthur Fong was a bad speller and Peter Chan was not a good military officer and should continue to be a politician. He was in charge of the entertainment.  He said the elected officials make changes one law at a time. He makes changes one joke at a time.

He said that he joined the Army at 18 as an E-1. After graduating from UCLA he became an officer. This is a special event so enjoy the meal.

Captain Luu recognized each branch of the service with their military song and a brief history of each branch during the dinner.


Theresa Lam, the Chinese Marilyn Monroe, sang, “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”. The audience clapper after her fine performance that reminded everyone that “old stars always glitter”.


Daniel Nowman entertained the crowd with his songs and dance steps as he moved across the floor.


Congressmember Judy Chu thanked Arthur Fong and CAMS for their support of the military. Her father served in World War II and her nephew, Harry Lew, who served in Afghanistan. He was hazed by his fellow Marines and later committed suicide.

She worked with Congress to pass laws to prevent military hazing. She also spoke about working with the VA and Pasadena City College to build a clinic on campus where military members can receive health services and advise on getting an education. The veterans need a health clinic in the San Gabriel Valley. She presented Commander Fong with a Congressional honor in support of CAMS. He thanked her for her support.


Monterey Park Mayor Hans Liang, Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan, Councilmember Anthony Wong, Councilmember-elect Stephen Lam, former Mayor David Lau and City Clerk Vince Chang honored CAMS and Commander Fong.

Mayor Liang said it is a pleasure to thank Arthur Fong and CAMS. Councilmember Wong wished CAMS and honorable guests a Happy New Year! You make the city proud by supporting all of the military. You are heroes. Mr. Lam welcomed everyone to Monterey Park. Enjoy the great food. Happy New Year! He thanked the residents for their votes. Join the military to help the country and the world. City Clerk Chang thanked all of those serving for your sacrifices. I may not have my job. You protect us to elect qualified candidates. The military protects our freedoms. Former Mayor Lau praised the military for defending the community. Your sacrificed your future for a better future. He applauded Arthur Fong who he appointed to the Planning Commission for two terms. He is active in the community. He asked God to Bless America. Happy New Year!


Janet Chin from Senator Ed Hernandez’ office presented Commander Fong with a proclamation and a gold coin for his support of CAMS. She stated the community is here to stay. We need our community heroes. CAMS is always around to support the military. She served in the U S Army. We have a professional military. She works with Senator Hernandez on veterans’ affairs.


Rosemead Councilmember Polly Low thanked Arthur Fong for supporting CAMS. She is proud of our military persons. They are heroes for our country. She will be going to the Army War College this year as a Councilmember.


Assemblymember Ed Chau thanked the military and CAMS for their support. He thanked the veterans for their service and Arthur Fong for his service as he presented him with a proclamation for CAMS.


Evelyn Capac sang and played on her keyboard. Joe Luu was her mike stand. They bantered with each other to the enjoyment of the audience.


Mario Ortega, a Stand Up Comic from El Salvador, told Latino ethnic jokes.  He received applause from the guests.

Joe Luu also told more jokes to the delight of the audience as he helped to distribute the winning raffle prizes.


USN LT jg. Calvin Li thanked everyone for coming and their support. He said as an only child his parents did not want him to join the military. He is proud of his experiences. He called Arthur Fong to be his mentor. He is glad to be a part of CAMS and to move on with his life. He thanked the agency for their help.


CAMS Treasurer Brad Wen he thanked the sponsors for their support. He thanked the guests for coming to celebrate the Chinese New Year. CAMS introduces the young Chinese Americans to serve their country.

Among the many guests were SGT E-5 Ben Situ served in the US Army for eight years. He is now a reservist who makes Monterey Park his home. U S Navy Senior Chief Andrew Lo is a Recruiting Officer located at 288 S. San Gabriel Blvd. in San Gabriel.

Peter Chan thanked all of the guests. The military is made up of all the people. We are struggling to share in the American Dream.

CAMS Mission Statement: “To inspire and support Chinese Americans to serve in the U.S. armed forces while increasing the awareness and uniting our community in support of such a noble cause!”

CAMS Motto: “Serving the country while support our community!”

CAMS is a 501© (3) Tax Exempt Organization: 57-1188092.

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