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People Who Make A Difference – 2015


Janet Yu joined by her husband, Charles Yam, their son, Andrew Yam and Javad Sabokpey and his daughter, Nasrin Sabokpey.


Chris Reyes joined by his son, Christopher Reyes Jr. and his mother, Mary Louise Reyes.

The Monterey Park Democratic Club honored Janet Yu and Chris Reyes as their 2015 “People Who Make A Difference” at an award dinner held at the NBC Seafood Restaurant in Monterey Park on February 26. The evening featured a delicious nine course Chinese dinner and a raffle.


Club President Delario Robinson welcomed everyone to this special event. He introduced Chris Reyes and Janet Yu as this year’s honorees. The Monterey Park Democratic Club has merged the two clubs together.


Dave Barron was the Master of Ceremonies.  He introduced the VIPs to the audience that included School Board Trustee Mike Eng, Assemblymember Ed Chau, Alhambra School Boardmember President Adele Andrade-Stadler, Monterey Park Councilmembers Hans Liang, Peter Chan and Anthony Wong, City Clerk Vince Chang, San Gabriel Councilmember Chin Ho Liao, Union Representative Javad Sabokpey, Paul Perez, former City Clerk Theresa Amador, former Mayor Francisco Alonso and Water Boardmember Thomas Wong.

Mr. Barron explained this honor is given to people who make a difference in our community. You cannot be a club member or an elected official and must live in Monterey Park. This award is to honor people who provide a service to our community. They quietly do their work in the background.


Ashley and Ashton Ruiz, a sister and a brother musical group called 2-U-Neek, led the Pledge of Allegiance and sang our National Anthem.


Assemblymember Ed Chau praised Janet Yu and Chris Reyes for their service to the community. He called them our unsung heroes, who make a difference in the community. He always welcomes input from the residents on state issues.


Ashley and Ashton Ruiz entertained the audience to the delight of the crowd.  They sang some “Golden Oldies” complete with their dance moves.


Community College Board Trustee Mike Eng thanked Dave Barron for making a difference. He also thanked Rosemary Riedy and Kathy Wills for their support of this program.

Mr. Eng said we honor people for their service to the residents. He referred to them as the A-team of the community. These people care. They change the community and your life.


Delario Robinson and Mike Eng honored Janet Yu, a 24-year resident of our city, who has been very involved in the community by serving on the Library Board, the Mark Kepple PTSA, the Boy Scouts and LAMP Optimist Club. She also has served on various community programs.


Delario Robinson and Mike Eng honored Chris Reyes, a lifetime member of our city. He has been a city employee for the last 20 years and is currently the Superintendent of Parks. He was vice president and past president of the Monterey Park General Employees Association for a 16-year period. He has been involved as a volunteer in many community projects over the years.  He attended Don Bosco Technical Institute and played sports in high school.


Councilmembers Hans Liang, Peter Chan and Anthony Wong honored Janet Yu and Chris Reyes.

Hans Liang was honored to be here today at the “People Who Make A Difference”. It is an institution in the city. This award honors people who get involved in the city. He said that Janet Yu and Chris Reyes are active in the city.

Peter Chan called it an honor to be here. He thanked all of the sponsors who made this party successful. He recalled that he met Janet Yu through her husband, Charles Yam. They went to La Salle High School in Hong Kong together. He joked that Chris Reyes should have played soccer in high school.

Anthony Wong said Janet Yu and Chris Reyes care about Monterey Park and the residents. They help move the city forward to enjoy life in Monterey Park. Janet Yu served on his kitchen cabinet. She suggested that he donate his mayor’s salary to charity organizations during his last term as mayor. Chris Reyes is now a department head. He recalled that Chris Reyes worked with him to help move the city forward.


Jeff Schwartz presented Janet Yu and Chris Reyes with proclamations from the Alhambra School Board in honor of making a difference.


Jeff Schwartz presented Janet Yu and Chris Reyes with Congressional honors from Congressmember Judy Chu.


Andrew Yam said he did not realize until tonight how much time his mother dedicated to the city. He is blown away by all of the people she has helped. She made changes in his life. He thanked her.


Janet Yu thanked the committee for this honor. She thanked her family for their love and support. She works on grass roots measures to help people. As a member of the Library Board she works to enhance our library and its uses. She thanked LAMP Optimists for their support. She thanked everyone for their friendship and support. She has been blessed with “People Who Make A Difference”. She thanked everyone.


Chris Reyes said he was born in Monterey Park 51 years ago. He loves our city. He thanked the club for honoring Janet Yu and himself with this award for community service. He was very happy to hear all of the nice things said tonight. He was honored that Bob Blackwood, his mentor was able to attend this event. He introduced his 27-year-old son, Chris who keeps him rooted. He spoke about growing up near Sunnyslopes Park and his adventures climbing up the highest tree in that park. He did say that he did play soccer at Dan Bosco. He remembers old Monterey Park and loves his city. He cares. This is his city.


Ashley and Ashton Ruiz honored Janet Yu and Chris Reyes in song.

Delario Robinson thanked Mike Eng, Dave Barron, Rosemary Riedy and Kathy Wills for tonight’s successful event. He thanked Ashley and Ashton Ruiz for entertaining the audience.  He asked the audience to keep coming back to this event and wished everyone a goodnight.

Ashley and Ashton Ruiz, called 2-U-Neek, are available to entertain at your special events. They can be reached by E-mail: 2uneek@gmail.com, www.2-U-NEEK.com or by phone at 210-343-9892.


Paul Perez and Sam Luk of the Asian Pacific State Employees Association honored Mike Eng at the end of the event for his support.

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