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World War II Remembered


Former Monterey Park Mayor Betty Tom Chu welcomed everyone to this commemoration of the end of World War II on January 15 at the City Hall. This can begin a year of peace. She introduced the VIPs that included Mayor Hans Liang, Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan, Councilmembers Anthony Wong and Teresa Real Sebastian, (Mitch Ing was not able to attend this event), Sophie Wong, members of the World War II American & Chinese War Memorial Committee and Charles Xu, nephew of Mrs. Chennault, who also translated for the Chinese speakers in the audience.

She spoke about the “Flying Tigers”, a branch of the military, who fought the Japanese when they invaded China in the days before America entered into the war. They helped the American military win the war.

This event began with World War II artifacts and books collected by Pedro Chan, John Fu, Leland Sun (Grandson of Sun Yat-sen) and Robert Cup Choy (Family friend of Sun Mei) displayed in the Council Chambers.  These items were being donated to the Kunming and Nanjing Museums where the “Flying Tigers” were stationed.


Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan, Councilmembers Anthony Wong and Teresa Real Sebastian greeted the audience.

Mayor Pro Tem Chan welcomed everyone to Monterey Park. It is a great city. He was honored to visit the war memorial in China. It was nicely done. War is so devastating and does so much damage to mankind. The memorial is dedicated to peace. He would like peace in the world. He wished we would not have another World War ever. He thanked everyone for attending this event and wished us to have peace in the future.

Councilmember Real Sebastian thanked everyone for coming. She read about the horrors of war in Nanjing, China.  We must remember the ugly parts of history to change us to end war. Because of World War II veterans and historians we must remember the positive and negative signs of humanity. She thanked Betty Tom Chu for bring this war memorial to Monterey Park. She wished the audience much health and success in 2015.

Councilmember Wong addressed the audience in Mandarin. He welcomed all to Monterey Park and spoke about the history of the “Flying Tigers”.


Charlene Fontaine, a member of Flying Tigers 69 DRS, said her father was a member of the ground crew in World War II. Her company published a book “Burma Road” about her father’s war experiences. Their members carry the burdens of their fathers proudly.

Charles Lu and members of the American & Chinese War Memorial Board welcomed everyone to this event. Monterey Park is intertwined in friendship with the Chinese people.






Pedro Chan, John Fu, Leland Sun (Grandson of Sun Yat-sen) with his family and Robert Cup Choy (Family friend of Sun Mei) met with the delegations from Nanjing and Kunming to present their artifacts in the official signing ceremony.


Betty Tom Chu and Charles Xu welcomed everyone to the Memorial Ceremony at the American & Chinese WWII War Memorial in front of City Hall.


Pek Chan sang our National Anthem.

World War II veterans William Sanchez, Manuel Gallardo, Edward Perez and Albert Robles led our Pledge of Allegiance.

Betty Tom Chu welcomed the audience to this special memorial program. May the memories of World War II inspire us to have peace. She introduced Congressmember Judy Chu, Mayor Hans Liang, Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan, Councilmembers Anthony Wong and Teresa Real Sebastian, Henry Lo from Assemblymember Ed Chau’s office, Sophie Wong, Lawrence Shih from Supervisor Hilda Solis’ office, Memorial Boardmembers: Hayward Ng, Mark Liu, Paul Hsu and Charly Cheung, Donors: Pedro Chan, Leland Sun with his wife Peggy and son Brandon, Robert Cup Choy and John Fu, Charles Xu, the World War II veterans and the delegations from Nanjing and Kunming.


Mayor Hans Liang, Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan, Councilmembers Anthony Wong and Teresa Real Sebastian joined in the service.

Mayor Liang said he is honored to be here to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of World War II. He thanked the veterans for their contributions to the war effort. The memorial reminds the youth not to make the same mistakes. He welcomed everyone to Monterey Park and thanked them for their attendance.


Congressmember Judy Chu said she is honored to be here to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of World War II. Her father was a veteran of the war. She thanked all of the veterans for their service. She also thanked the “Flying Tigers”. She thanked Pedro Chan for his photo exhibit displayed in Washington, DC last year. She thanked the delegations from China.



Congressmember Judy Chu, Pedro Chan, John Fu, Leland Sun, Robert Cup Choy, Veterans from World War II, Members of the delegations from China and other guests presented a wreath and flowers in front of the memorial after bowing three times with respect to honor the thousand of men and women who were killed during the war.


Veteran Bill Sanchez spoke about his internment in a Japanese prisoner of war camp where he met Louis Zamperini, an Olympian. He became friends with Louie and planned to go into business with him after the war. He said Louie had a very hard time after the war and turned to heavy drinking. His wife introduced him to Billy Graham who saved him.  Louie traveled with Billy Graham and they never did start their business. Louie Zamperini died at the age of 97 in 2014. He was honored in the 2015 Rose Parade.  Mr. Sanchez also witnessed the signing of the documents by the Emperor of Japan on the USS Missouri that ended World War II.

He thanked the “Flying Tigers” and said he worked on the movie “Unbroken” which is about Louie Zamperini and the camp.  He later met with Louie at the VA hospital and praised him for his support in the camp.

The American & Chinese War Memorial is to remind us of the horrors of World War II on the 70th Anniversary. We are seeking hope and world peace.

Betty Tom Chu asked God to protect the men and women who fight for us. The 70th Anniversary is a reminded of the friendship of America and China to end World War II and the “Flying Tigers” who helped to end the war.

The ceremony ended with the playing of “Taps”.



The World War II veterans were honored with proclamations from several elected officials for their service to our country.

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