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By Mona Raskin

I found my path in life suddenly change! It began while I was busy voting on November 4th at Hill Crest elementary school my spouse, Sol Raskin could not attend, because he felt ill with a sore throat and a cough!

When I returned from voting I announced that I was home and called out his name.  In return, I heard him call out that he had fallen in the bathroom!  I quickly checked and realized that I was unable to lift him up!   I therefore, called the Paramedics!  They responded in minutes and two strong Paramedics were able to lift him up onto a stretcher and we were on the way to the nearest Monterey Park hospital.

Once there, he was thoroughly examined and although, he had only a few bruises, he was kept overnight for further tests. Following a week of continuous tests, we were told that he must have X rays; he must have several physicians’ opinions regarding their opinions!

Eventually, he was set to another facility, “Claremont Care Center” where he met a former physician, Dr. Terrance Rhone!   They were familiar with one another and Dr. Rhone recommended that a surgical procedure be the next step!

Due to this surgical operation, it has been necessary for Sol to seek a slow recovery at a senior Assistance Care Center! So, rather than prolong this any further, I just want “The CITIZEN VOICE” READERS to know why I have been unable to send my messages any sooner!

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