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Salute to World War II Flying Tigers


On December 2 Senior Librarian Cindy Costales welcomed everyone to this very special day at the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library.  She introduced Pedro Chan, who organized the exhibit and Joe Young, a member of the Flying Tigers.


City Librarian Norma Arvizu welcomed everyone to this special event. This exhibit will bring history to life. We are honored and grateful for this exhibit. Many ethnic groups were not added to the history books. As a baby boomer she never heard about the Flying Tigers. She thanked Pedro Chan for beginning this exhibit in his hometown library. The exhibit will be on display at the library until December 30 and it will be moved to another location.


Henry Lo, representing Assemblymember Ed Chau, said this is an important day. This is the first leg of the special tour of the Flying Tigers exhibit. We should not forget those who have fought for us. The library is important place for this exhibit. He presented proclamations to Norma Arvizu and Pedro Chan.


Pedro Chan said he has collected pictures, documents and memorabilia about the Flying Tigers over the years. This exhibit is a dream come true. He thanked his wife, Pek Chan for helping him. He spoke about his exhibit in pictures of the Flying Tigers recently displayed in Washington, DC. The flyers were paid $600 a month and a $500 bonus for every enemy plane that the pilot shot down. It was an adventure that paid good money. The Flying Tigers were the USA and China joining forces.


Joe Young, a Flying Tiger, sitting with his wife, was introduced by Pedro Chan as a Bronze Star winner for his service to his country.


Charlene, with her husband, attended the event in tribute to her father. He was a driver on the Burma Road.

A Monterey Park resident said at the age of 8 he remembered the Flying Tigers in China. He recalled the farmers helped to rescue a downed airman. He thanked the Flying Tigers.

Cindy Costales said this exhibit offers us an opportunity to all of us to work together. The exhibit will be in the library from December 2 to December 30 during business hours.  She thanked the guests from the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of San Gabriel and Los Angeles Chapters for their participation.

The displays are in the glass cases in the lobby that Pedro Chan built for the library and along the walls.


Mayor Hans Liang said it is an honor to be here today for the exhibit of the Flying Tigers. He is looking forward to this exhibit about the positive things for people who worked together. He presented a Council proclamation to Pedro Chan and his wife, Pek Chan.


Charlie Xu, a nephew of Anna Chennault, Widow Of Flying Tigers General Claire Chennault, attended the exhibit. He thanked Pedro Chan for this display and donated a check for $500 to Pedro Chan to reduce the expenses of the exhibit.

Mr. Xu also had two pictures of his aunt, Anna Chennault, taken recently in Washington, DC that he shared with the audience.


Pedro Chan donated the $500 to the library. City Librarian Norma Arvizu accepted the donation from Pedro Chan and Charlie Xu.


Stephen Lam shared that his late father-in-law was taught to fly by the Flying Tigers. They worked together with the US soldiers. He salutes them for giving us freedom. This show is for all of the generations. He thanked the Flying Tigers on behalf of himself and his son.


Charlene presented the library with a book “The Burma Road” in memory of her father from her publishing company.




A few of the pictures on the wall displays that show the Americans and Chinese military members working together to save China from the Japanese military.

“Touching The Tigers” a World War II documentary on the Flying Tiger Glen Beneda’s rescue by Chinese farmers and soldiers brought tears to the eyes of the audience who saw the efforts of the Chinese farmers and soldiers to rescue the American airman who were fighting for China’s freedom.

Cindy Costales thanked everyone for their participation in this special event. The exhibit will be on display until December 30 at the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer.

For more information about the exhibit please contact the library at 626-307-1368.

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