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Open House




The Maude Kidd Room was decorated for Christmas during the Open House at the Historical Society of Monterey Park Museum on December 7.

Richard Garvey, Junior built the original building and observatory. The museum is located at 781 S. Orange Avenue in Monterey Park in Garvey Ranch Park.


The observatory now has a new dome that was installed to replace the original dome that was damaged in the Whittier Earthquake. The Los Angeles Astronomical Society who manages the observatory for the city received grant funds for the new dome.

The observatory in Monterey Park is opened on Wednesday nights from 7: 30 to 10:00 PM.


Jim Iwaki welcomed everyone to the Open House.


Monterey Park Mayor Hans Liang thanked the members of the Historical Society. He and his wife have lived in the city for 12 years and this is his first time visiting the museum. He is glad to have the history preserved. As mayor he promised to use our cable TV to showcase the museum so more residents will be able to visit.


Mayor Liang and Father Junipero Serra (AKA Bruce Allen Buonauro) posed for a picture and joked they have the same hairstyle.




Father Junipero Serra (AKA Bruce Allen Buonauro) told the audience that he is now 301 years old. He spoke about his childhood in Majorca, Spain. He attended school at the age of 16 and decided to become a priest.

He told a story about his long voyage from Spain to the new world at the age of 36. The ship kept moving up and down in the ocean. Many travelers became sick.  They complained that were hungry, they were tired and they were thirsty. He was glad to finally land in the new world.

He spoke about the long road he and his companions traveled from the port to inland to build the Missions in California. The map was not very clear so many times they were lost in the wilds looking for the next mission site.

Father Serra personally built nine of the 21 missions that were located near a source of water.

He told the guests how the adobe bricks were created and about his visit from a donkey.

Bruce Allen Buonauro involved the audience in his stories about Father Junipero Serra. He shared California history with humor since Father Sierra was noted for his humor.

He ended his presentation with “Go with God”.


Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan welcomed the guests to Monterey Park. He was sorry that he missed the presentation by Father Sierra. He wished everybody Happy Holidays!

Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan and Father Junipero Serra (AKA Bruce Allen Buonauro) posed for a picture.

Bruce Allen Buonauro is a re-enactor who travels to schools and events to teach children and adults about California history.

For more information on his presentations please call Bruce Buonauro at 626-222-6821 or send him an e-mail: bectolife@gmail.com or visit his website: www.storiesbernardodegalvez.com or BringEarlyCaliforniatoLife/Facebook.

The Historical Society of Monterey Park Museum is opened on Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. For tours or more information please call 626-307-1267.

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