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Langley Center


On November 20 former Monterey Park Mayor David Lau, and his wife Cici Lau were joined by Mayor Hans Liang, Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan, Councilmembers Anthony Wong and Mitch Ing and former Mayor Lily Lee Chen at the dedication of the refurbished Langley Senior Center Patio.





Improvements included new lighting, counters, a barbeque and new teak furniture.

The tree in the center of the patio area island was surrounded by small and large rocks to confer the concept of water with bridges leading up to the pagoda was the inspiration of Dan Sabadin, a city employee. This area was the original site of a Japanese garden.



Stephen Lam, his wife Jenny Lam, joined the celebration with David Lau, Cici Lau, Hans Liang, Peter Chan, Mitch Ing, Anthony Wong and city employees who help to create the new patio.


Mayor Liang welcomed everyone to this special event.


Cici Lau sang our National Anthem to the delight of the crowd.

Mayor Liang introduced Councilmembers Peter Chan, Anthony Wong and Mitch Ing and former Mayor Lily Lee Chen to the audience.

He said the new barbeque with kitchen space and new furniture is a wonderful place to host small events at Langley.  He also thanked the city staff for upgrading the patio.

Mayor Liang introduced David Lau as a former Councilmember and School Boardmember. Cici Lau as a successful actress in the film industry. They donated $16,000 to upgrade the patio.


A plaque was added to the wall reminding everyone of David and Cici Lau’s generosity to the senior center.


David Lau thanked everyone for attending this ceremony to rededicate the patio for the enjoyment of the seniors. He thanked the city staff for this patio. It is so beautiful for the seniors. It is for the community to make it better and bigger for the seniors. We all worked together on this project. He thanked the community and his good friends for attending.


Cici Lau stated they have helped with the Children’s library and now they are helping the seniors. As you approach your senior years you want to go back to your childhood. This park will energize the seniors. She thanked everyone for coming to this dedication.

The patio is a very peaceful place to enjoy the day. It is opened to seniors during Langley Center’s business hours.

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